Needs help and prayers!

I came across this sight after looking for something to help me really put all my faith and trust in God. I have had the ROUGHEST last 7 months of my entire life. Last February I tore my ACL and meniscus playing basketball, the sport that I truly love and it was taken away from me. I will admit, I was very angry at God for about three weeks, didn’t want really anything to do with him. I felt like he had DONE this TO me. I finally came to my senses and realized how much of a blessing it was to tear it, how much more it made me lean on God, appreciate basketball and everything else, I have also never been so ready to play in my entire life. Well, finally I am one week away from getting fully release, when I was in practice and I turned and felt my knee buckle, it scared me to death. It turns out that it is my hamstring and I am fine, but I just can’t get the scared factor out of my head that, the injury might happen again. But I am trying to put all my faith in God that he wouldn’t let me go through this again, that he is protecting me and my knee, that he has completely healed me. But after that little scare of an injury, I am having a hard time getting the faithful confidence back into my head…although I am praying very earnestly about it, I just cannot for some reason, find that 100% assurance. I ask for prayers and verses to help! Thank you for everything, God bless! <3

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