Need relationship healing

I have been a really bad person from the time i was young. I never knew God but knew about him because i was a born christian. I moved to the united states 6 years ago. Still my interest in God was very low and i was into porn a lot, can call me a porn addict. But in the year 2008 God brought this girl into my life, Sareena, she loved me like no one else. I’ve had 3 relationships in the past but never felt love like this. She brought me closer to God, but i couldnt give up my addictions and other things which i developed. I wanted to come out of it but it bounded me from coming out. I lied to her a lot a number of time and broke her trust over and over again after we got into the relationship. I cheated on her by sleeping with unknown people and paying them 6 times and i lied that i never dated anyone because she never dated anyone in her life. She was so innocent and she is the best gift God ever gave me even though i never really knew him. a year ago she gave up on the relationship and it made me go crazy begged her not to leave me and cried to God about it and somehow dragged the relationship till today. But it only kept getting worse because i kept putting her down over and over again. Everything i did to get the relationship back went in vain never worked the purpose i was expecting. Now im completely helpless and i really need Gods help in my relationship with her. Want God to heal this relationship to perform a miracle. I gave up most of my addictions and ready and working to be a new person. everyday is a battle for me to see that she is not there with me and jealousy takes control of me. I believe God will hear me and hear your prayers for me and that nothing is impossible for God. Can you please pray that she would forgive me and that God would bring us back together with the acceptance of her parents? Can you please pray that God will work a miracle for me?

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