Need advice on relationship

I need advice on what to do about my relationship. I became friends with a lady about two years ago and later felt convinced to propose to her. I check my motives and believed that I had no selfish motives for proposing. I didn’t propose because she is beauty, wealthy or intelligent. I just felt she is the one because after praying one morning I had an impression on my mind that she might be your wife. Interestingly we had a serious fight the day before I proposed. I proposed to her but she said she was not ready for a relationship. We remained friends, and later got very close. Eventually we had to break up because she was still not ready for a relationship. Last year we met again and she said she was ready. We then started a relationship. Unfortunately we got intimate and feel into sin on several occasions. Sometimes I feel like breaking it off because of sin and on some occasion during those time when I was reading the bible, I perceived she is still the one for me. I am confused now because I wonder whether it is possible for our coming together to be God’s will and we still fall into sin. Is it possible to be led by God into a relationship and one would fall into sin in the relationship? I don’t know whether it is okay to still continue this relationship, sometimes I feel it is God’s will but I didn’t wait patiently for his timing while sometimes I feel it is not his will at all because of sin we fell into. I need advice on what to do now. We have stopped sinning completely and we have both repented and gone back to God. Another thing is that I don’t like the way she plays with her former boy friend and the fact that she still remains good friend with him. And also don’t like the fact that she does not take church seriously, she believes the most important thing is to have a strong personal relationship with God. These two factors in the present makes me to wonder whether this is God’s will. Please I need advice.

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