my youngest daughter is having problems, school and therapists think she is schizophrenic

When I was Young did see demons, and I also heard things, and at times I have seen things when in deep prayer. I do not believe that my daughter is schizophrenic. For the things she explains are the same things I had as a child. I never told my parents till I was older. but my sister saw things to. I was constantly awoke by nightmares and my daughter has the same problem. but hers has gone a stage worse than mine did. she wakes up in the nite feeling like something is tearing her flesh and forcing her to have sex with it. she wakes up feeling dirty. she is now feeling oppressed and starting to believe that she should kill herself. when she was little, other kids bullied her, I don’t know why, they just beat her up all the time. I have seen the spirit of God on her at times in her ways and her kindness and forgiveness, yet she is still bullied and she is starting to give up hope. I have caught this family curse of rejection for years and am finally laying this at the feet of Jesus, but I need all the prayers of my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus to help my Daughter Jaki Jo Muth from these same attacks. So please intercede in your prayers for my Daughter. love your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

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