my vision of jesus.

hello my name is jeffery,i just want to share my testimony of my experience with jesus in the year 2000 my vision was in winnipeg manitoba,at this time i was only 20yrs old,so i will get to my testimony
i was in winnipeg manitoab when i was 20yrs old,now i was not a christian at this time,but for some reason jesus came to me in a vision,no i was not sleeping,i was wide awake when he appeared to me,this was on a sunday afternoon i was invited to go to a campmeeting that was taking place just over the bridge,so i decided to go there,so i wrote my bike over the bridge and as soon as i got there i noticed that the tent was down right packed,i was peeking thru the cracks of the tent,cuz knowing me not being a christian and all,i did not want anyone seeing me in there,but one of my friends were in there already which is why i came there in the first place,so by this time there was music going on and i saw people being blessed and falling all over the place,i sensed the holy spirit was moving,so i stuck around outside looking at the clouds that were moving by so fast towards the west,and they were very low too,so everyone inside the tent was being blessed and drunk in the spirit,some were laying on the ground by the alter,so i was still outside looking at the clouds and it was really windy too that day,so as i was looking away from the cloud,something caught my eye so i looked back up at the clouds because surely i thought i saw somehting starting to appear thru the clouds,so i looked back up and yes surely this was a figure of a man starting to appear,when i wa realized who this was i froze where i was standing,oh my i was thinking this is jesus im seeing i thought to myself,so as i was standing there not being able to move,this terrible fear came over me and i thought it was the end of the world and that i was not saved,i felt so terrible what am i going to do,its too late now to repent i thought to myself,so i tried moving but could not,i tried yelling but could not,than i noticed my knees began trembling,now what i noticed too was when i looked back up he became brighter and brighter,so bright i saw a glimpse of what heaven must be,it was so bright and sooo clean,and when i saw him,he was looking down at the tent,where everyone was praising him and worshipping hime,cuz i was looking at him from the left side of his cheek looking down at the tent,now i will describe in detail of what he looks like,i noticed that he had long hair kind of curly but not too curly,and his hair looked yellowish kind of in a damped kind of way,and his eyes looked ghostly looking or holy i should put it,and i noticed his nose was really straight like the most beautiful nose i have ever seen,and his face shone like the sun,pure holiness annd i noticed he had this smile but not a big smile like a mona lisa kind of smile,and he wore this nice white robe,it was the most beautiful robe i have ever seen,it was so clean like no one could ever put a stain on it,yes thank you my jesus,so what i also noticed was his face,just by looking at him,his face was just soo full of love,like he never said anything to me,or even looked at me,he was looking down at the tent where people were worshipping him,and he was also very big,i saw him from the waist up to his head,now i will describe how big he was in this vision of mine,from his waist right to left he was 500 feet wide,and from his waist to his head 700 to 800feet,and he was so huge and i was just small compared to him,so this vision only lasted 30 seconds,and i noticed he was fading away and all of a sudden i could move once again,i was so terrified i ran into the tent,and i was looking left and right expecting something to happen,cuz the tent was like going crazy it was really windy and that made the tent move uncontrollably,than i noticed a hand waving at me,surely it was my friend who invited me,so i went to where she was and i was still looking around expecting something to happen,so she asked me,where were u,she said,i told her i was outside,and she said the second time,it looks like you saw a ghost,why is yur face white?so told her you will not believe me what i saw outside i told her,so she said tell me what was it,so i told her that i saw jesus outside in the sky, and she looked at me,she said yeah right,so i told her,why would my face be white than if i wasnt elling you the truth,and she looked at me again and she beliieved me,so about this time there was a prayer line being formed,and i asked my friend that i wanted to go there and get prayed for,so i asked her to come along,so she did,while we were in line,we were getting closer to the alter there was this evangelist up there and he was saying,therres something the holy spirit is telling me,so im gonna come out and say it ,he said,someone in here saw jesus outside,someone in here saw jesus outside,whoeve it is,please come up to the alter,,so wheni realized what he jsut said,i looked at my friend and said how come that guy knows what i told you,i dont know him,and your the only one i told,she was all amazed,so i got prayed for,why i didnt go up to the alter,idk,iwas scared of what people might think of me,i thought they label me as a liar so i kept it to myself,so im glad now to share my experience ,so i just thank you for taking the time of reading my testimony,god bless you all in jesus name amen. my email is or my home page is thanks once again.

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