MY Testimony, Debbie LaGant (HolySpirit)

MY Testimony, Debbie LaGant :Jesus appeared to me….This has been my third vision . The Baptism of the holy spirit!

June 19,2000,I was sitting in my living room reading the holy bible, I was reading only the words in red that day, I stood up and begin to read the words with all the life in me, I was thinking how fresh those words are just as fresh as the day Jesus spoke them, I felt so refreshed inside ,I then felt to go and pray alone in my room . I closed the door behind me and got on my knees to be humble and asked the Father for the gift of tongues and the understanding of it, four of my brothers are Pastors and they have received it and also my dad. I then stood up I said Jesus I don’t know how to speak in tongues so I will praise you in English, I felt I had the gift but didn’t know how to speak it, so I begin to praise Jesus and thank him in English, then I felt him enter the room it was a feeling I’ve never felt before ,I then saw a ray of white light before me, I felt a touch on my head and it felt like a wave went through me and my English was changed to tongues! and the ray of light opened ,I then saw where the light was coming from, it was coming from the top of my bedroom ceiling where I knew no natural light could enter, this light wasn’t as are light but as a white soft fog, I begin to shake all over I’ve never shook like this before and my ears couldn’t believe what my mouth was saying, I thought my god I just asked Jesus for something and he’s doing it, I then felt the middle of my stomach jolt up! And this was the beginning of a fresh new life for me.

Then on Nov 1 2000 about 1:58 am there came another visit, I just turned over in my bed and that white fog entered my room, I thought it was my eyes , I rubbed them but the fog begin to take form, the white fog became two white squares that formed together and began to rise up higher, I sat up in my bed I said Jesus? I then stood up to pray I said father if this be not of you to go away in Jesus name. I then opened my eyes the the white fog was the complete form of a ghost shape I believe it was the Holy Ghost,Then the face got bright with spikes of light all around like a sun,and then the face had gotten even brighter! spikes of light came from the face shaped in the form of an X shape and I then saw a lovely rainbow appear over the head of this bright face three colors red,yellow blue,most rainbows have the dark colors at the bottom but this rainbow had the dark colors at the top I don’t know why but over the colors of this rainbow was white crowns of light little dips of light ,Then the vision was gone,all I could do was just stand in awe,I went to seek in the bible for some answers to who this was whom I saw and the first bible verse I kept coming across said dont you even know me though I’ve been with you all this time if you’ve seen me you’ve seen the father, then I was lead to Ezekiel1:28 it speaks of the bow that is in the cloud in the day of rain it saws the same is as the glory of the lord….Then I read in Matthew 17 :2 where it speaks about Jesus being transfigured on the mount it says his face does shine as the sun and his clothes white as light, all these verses matched my vision ,Then came the verse that hit me

hard was Rev 10:1 it said his face does shine as the sun and he has a rainbow over his head ,I then knew this was Jesus whom I saw I fell to my knees crying and said Jesus this was you who I saw wasn’t it and I spoke out in the holy spirit and said it was I my love ….all whom I asked who this was in Rev 10:1 said Jesus ,shortly after this vision Jesus appeared to me face to face in a dream and he still visits me in my dreams even till this day, I know he will never leave me nor forsake me, old things are passed away and behold all things become new! As Paul says in the bible it is not I who lives but Christ who lives in me! I Praise and Thank Jesus for all he has done and is doing! I will never be the same again! Receive ye the Holy Ghost In Jesus Name! Love in Christ Jesus ,Debbie


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