Dear Brothers and Sisters
As I am witnessing on the internet and creating a foundation to make cinema films and tv shows to witness, I am copying here my latest blog for you about important issues in our world and my new comedy show, video, Chats with Jesus lover of my soul!
Thanks for your prayers and support because our world needs more creative ways to hear the good news
There are billions of people who still need to hear but we must first talk their language to help them find the real way!
Here is my latest blog I copied for you

Hello Friends

The WEF just finished but cheer up the WSF is starting on 6 February in Dakar, capital of Senegal!

I have to say that although I introduced myself late to the WEF, hoping to contribute a bit, I have found that it was quite elitist and difficult to get your say when like me you are only part of the crowd! However, this morning I had a warm conversation with one of the members of WSF on the phone from Dakar…. with love! I was really welcomed to share my views and we exchanged email addresses after a bit of mutually spontaneous friendly greetings! And here the immediate invitation I got!!!!
Bonjour Luce
Je vais vous mettre en rapport avec la sous Commission Cinéma du FSM il va travailler avec vous directement pour voir comment faire pour visualiser vos fims pendant le FSM,il va vous envoyer un mail et je lui transférerai votre lien dés ce soir
Merci et bonne réception

In a nutshell, it means that The Cinema Commission wants of me and will work with me to show my video films during the WSF!!!!

As for being à l’écoute du peuple, democratic and efficient, don’t ask more why, MY PERSONAL VOTE GOES TO THE WSF!

It is true that I see myself as an African because I was born in Africa and I need this special human warmth which I do not always find in the stuck up elitist circles of Europe.
Anyhow, I still copied following my blog some highlights from the WEF. Since the conference evoked a very universal global spectrum, I picked up just a few titles such as the positive influence of music on our world, the art of story telling targeting the younger generation, etc
I would agree with the musician RAHMAN who received an award this year at WEF, saying « COUNTRIES THAT WORK TO ERADICATE POVERTY AND HELP THE POOR ARE THE BEST »

One of the topics the WSF will be looking at, are the bad sides of globalisation and privatisation, claiming we are all entitled to freely share natural resources, such as water, etc
I cannot agree more, since I just had a b….. argument with EDF French company providing electricity, as their methods are more and more the ones of a racket rather than a consumer friendly customer services orientated approach!!!!

This is why again, I am thrilled the WSF, even late, has shown a great interest in my humble contribution to their conference through the net, whilst the WEF was a bit too elitist to welcome me at the last hour without a prior full screening in their who’s who!

I find these World Conferences really inspiring as long as reflecting a real multicultural world and not only a minority, although,
we of course, know that all the year round, many of us are screaming out our concern for our world!

In France, a 93 year old, former resistant and French Ambassador, Stephane Hessel, has published a book called Indignez Vous!
Get indignant! Which already sold around 500 000 !
He is complaining about increasing gap between rich and poor, diktat of financial markets, governments giving away advantages resistance had fought hard to obtain, such as pensions or medical social security. He is also pointing at human rights abuses in Gaza, etc.

Joseph Eugene Stiglitz had already hinted a THIRD WAY during his services in the Clinton administration. Stating the failure of the natural equitable regulation « invisible hand » in a free global market, Stiglitz uses a rational-expectation equilibrium assumption to achieve a more realistic understanding of capitalism. To him, capitalism deviates too much from its model so to justify state action, socialism, as a remedy.

Although I am a qualified public lawyer and studied political sciences,
when a lot younger, I am not an expert any longer, as I consecrated my life instead to spiritual and theological studies, spiritual and humanitarian work!
However, I feel that prophetic sources had informed us of such huge global crisis, a long time ago, although I would not put a date to the end of our world as some fanatic trends do!

My concern is more to reflect with you what are the best solutions to save our planet.
In this spiritual comedy I just started and you can find following in two videos, called « Chats with Jesus, lover of my soul« , I incarnate two opposite trends we can find in each one of us. Sister Joan incarnates the human reaction to spirituality and Sweet Sister Lucy the spiritual understanding of spirituality and faith.
It is true that historical cycles demonstrate that in times of hardships, when everything else fails, people tend to turn to God, even though, they
claimed to be atheists in times of wealth and peace.
Sister Joan is very angry and in total rage against God, mocking her source of universal love as inefficient, like opening a big court case against the source itself of love and light in our universe, puzzled by incomprehensible spiritual laws and designs because she is stuck in her human reasoning, she is the human Cartesian side of us!
However Sweet Sister Lucy, we might all hate as a hypocrite, from our human perspective, can see something our human side cannot see, because she lives in a spiritual realm already and for that she had to leave her human rational reasoning at the door, and be born again through the Spirit to the new spiritual realm, a spiritual realm with its own laws and its own reality!
At turns, each one of us shares some common traits of Sister
Joan or Sweet Sister Lucy !

In our trouble times, now
more than ever, it is worth gambling like the French philosopher Pascal, maybe there is something MORE TO LEARN ABOUT AND TO GET HOLD OF THROUGH FAITH IN THE SPIRITUAL!
Capitalism seems inefficient and communism is not a model we envy, there is a third way, A SPIRITUAL ONE, which COMPELLS US TO SHARE WITH THE NATIONS AND INDIVIDUALS WHO ARE IN POVERTY TO REDUCE INEQUALITY AND THE INJUSTICE GAP

Spiritual visions always become reality once ripe!
The real popular revolutions happening in Tunisia and Egypt are showing people are spiritually mature enough to take their destiny into their own hands. To me the best sign of this maturity is that the Army does not shoot the crowd as they would usually do!!! Also in Tunisia, this intelligent and very dignified popular revolution was only targeting those who in power were corrupt and not harming anyone. These are the words of my sister who is working for the French Embassy in Tunisia and instead of taking the first plane to France she stood there with our people, the Tunisians. She helped them with barricades, fed the exhausted soldiers, etc, not caring for her own life, I am really proud of her, yet, another hero in the family! My mother spoke fluent Arabic and taught us such devotion to good causes from very young.
My sister has witnessed the irreproachable attitude of the courageous Tunisian people we both love and admire. We had the privilege to have been born in their beautiful paradisiacal country! These generous and kind people inspired me and taught me hospitality, human warmth and my first spiritual steps within universal love, since I had the chance to open my eyes as a little baby girl amongst them! They have always been an example. These well organised revolutions demonstrate a great sign of maturity. These people really desire and deserve democracy!!!
The Egyptian people too have a spiritual dream and certainly inspired by the visit of President Obama, encouraging democracy, they too want this dream to become a reality because it is ripe now!
Let us help them to get it peacefully NOW!
Food for thought!
Lots of love

PS copy of highlights in Davos
Davos 2011 – Highlights – Friday 28 January
Aung San Suu Kyi addresses Davos
Daw Aung San Suu Kyi, General Secretary of the National League for Democracy, has addressed participants of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011.

In a taped audio speech from her country, she called on world leaders gathered in Davos “to use their particular opportunities and skills as far as possible to promote national reconciliation, genuine democratization, human development and economic growth in Burma, that our people may in turn be able make their own contribution towards a safer, happier world,” she said.
Davos 2011 I News release I Video I Quotes

Merkel warns against complacency over risk of another crisis
Federal Chancellor of Germany Angela Merkel warned participants at the World Economic Forum against complacency about the risks of a further financial crisis, saying that all the international mechanisms needed to prevent another crash are not yet in place.
“Can we safely say that we can prevent further crises from happening? Do we have the necessary mechanisms in place to ensure sustainable growth globally? We have laid down the groundwork, but we are not there yet,” Merkel added.
Davos 2011 I News release I Quotes
Getting Haiti Back on Its Feet
The best way to help Haiti in its post-disaster recovery is to build back better. An IdeasLab session on Haiti at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2011 focused on five key points: Meeting the essential need for pathogen-free water; supporting small and medium enterprises and providing micro-insurance to protect the poorest Haitians, particularly women; providing sustainable construction and skills training to ensure improved building standards and quality in future; employing mobile banking as a tool for financial inclusion; and jumpstarting the Haitian economy through social business. The Forum also launched its new report, Private Sector Development in Haiti: Opportunities for Investment, Job Creation and Growth.
Davos 2011 I Session Summary I Quotes
Don’t think only about short-term profits
Businesspeople should be sent back to school so that they can be re-educated not to think only short-term about just making profits, PepsiCo Chairman and CEO Indra Nooyi said in a plenary session. Management success has been defined so narrowly to mean maximizing profits for shareholders without consideration of long-term goals such as sustainability. The corporate mindset still regards adopting sustainability as a matter of resolving conflicts or trade-offs.
Declared Nooyi: “We believe that short-term profits and long-term sustainability are not mutually exclusive.”
Davos 2011 I Quotes
Post-Crisis Reality Requires New Social Contract
Governments and businesses should start revising their social contracts with their stakeholders in the light of the new realities of the post-crisis world, participants at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos heard. “The new contract has to move beyond the rulers and the ruled,” said Prime Minister Abhisit Vejjajiva of Thailand. “We’re all partners now.”
The state should not intervene in the private sector, he declared, but should focus instead on creating the conditions that would allow companies to create employment and make profits for their shareholders.
Davos 2011 I News release I Quotes
Gates Foundation and UK Government pledge more funding to eradicate polio
The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has added US$ 100 million to the campaign to wipe out polio with a further US $ 60 million pledged by British Prime Minister David Cameron who committed to double his country’s current contribution to polio eradication.
“This funding will see an extra 45 million children fully vaccinated against the disease,” he said, urging other world leaders to finish the job, adding that the new funding is conditional on matching commitments and making vaccines routine in affected countries.
Davos 2011 I News release I Quotes
Collaborate for a new deal
The world’s largest economies need to collaborate in order to face the challenges of the new reality, said US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, speaking at a plenary session. The effort is needed to transform the post-war economic deal. With a view to the pivotal relationship between the US and China, Secretary Geithner described the interests on both sides as closely tied in many ways.
“They are not fundamentally in conflict, they are largely complementary. We want to make sure they are comfortable that we are going to be able to build a system that’s going to accommodate their interests too, not just ours,” Secretary Geithner said, dismissing doubts about the US long-term economy. “The great strength of the American political system is that it has always risen to the challenge,” Secretary Geithner added.
Davos 2011 I Video I Quotes
Europe Needs a Change of Direction
Many problems Europe faces follow decisions governments have taken, alone or together, UK Prime Minister David Cameron told World Economic Forum Annual Meeting participants. On the future of Europe, he said: “We are an open, trading continent. We have a proud record of invention. We’ve got advanced democratic values. But yes, we’ve got to recognize that Europe has to earn its way. The world doesn’t owe us a living. So let’s make the choice to do things differently, to fight for our prosperity.”
Cameron outlined his vision of a new direction for the continent: a risk-taking investment culture, a Europe-wide patent scheme, tougher stress tests, killing off sovereign debt and removing crushing regulation are a formula for growth.
“Now is the time to go for a genuine Single Market,” he said, pointing to commitments from leaders across Europe to open and free market reform.
Davos 2011 I News release I Speech I Quotes
Sustainability for growth
Diminishing natural resources and rising temperatures demand business and governments work aggressively in new ways to join the dots between water, energy and food, concluded a panel at the Annual Meeting. “Developing new sources of renewable energy is an amazing business opportunity and key to achieving sustainable economic growth,” said Mexican President Felipe Calderón as he addressed the panel. Its other members included United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon, Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono and Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.
Davos 2011 I News release I Quotes

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