My late cat and my smartphone

On October 5, I learned that my cat, Belle, was very ill with a liver disorder. I was heartbroken. The vet and I agreed to put her to sleep the next afternoon. Around noon the next day, I was holding her on my bed and loving her. My smartphone was about two feet away on my nightstand.

When I pray to God, I always ask for a sign from Him. That day I was praying, very desperate for Him. I asked for a sign as usual and finished praying.

When I finished praying, my phone lit up. It was unlocked which doesn’t happen unless i swipe my finger across the screen. I was a little perplexed but still concentrating on Belle.

Then, the music player opened by itself. When I want to open the music player I first have to go to the list of apps and tap on the icon for it. The screen is black when I open it with the songs listed in always the same order.

This time, when it opened by itself, the screen was pure white and it had scrolled down to a song I only listen to in times of grief or loss.

The song title? “I Miss You Like Crazy.” sung by Natalie Cole.

I was dumbfounded and looked at the phone in disbelief.

A little later, I took Belle to the vet’s office. One of the pastors from my church met me there and we prayed before and after Belle left.

On Sunday at church, I told my pastor all of this. He said the action of my smartphone was God’s work, telling me that I was doing the right thing for Belle and that He would take her into His house.

I still shed a tear for her sometimes but that is always tempered with knowing that Belle is with God and that I did the right thing by her. I know I will see her again.

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