My biggest regret….

Before I begin I want to clarify what I would like everyone to pray for. I have a terrible sin that that i have commited and it has eaten me up from the inside since i was very young.I would like for you to pray that god can forgive me and somehow let me know i have been forgiven. There are two parts. Once my older brother had me do an immoral act once when we were in a tent. I cant completely remember what we did but it wasnt good.i do remember him saying “imagine what it would be like to do it with a girl it would probably be better right?” and i replied “no” and my bro said “what” and thats all i remember.Then once we were in the shower and he told me to put my “thing”in his rear.I tried but i was too young and it wasnt working(thank god). I was too young to even know I was doing something wrong.I was just listening to my brother.The i almost corrupted my little brother when i told him to undress and we were both naked.As we were going to do something my parents called my little brother.At that time i felt wrong and my little brother was asking me if it was ok and i lied saying yes.We never did anything (thank god for his and my sake) I think that is where my problems started.Its taken a long time to actually put this out there. I kind of expect people to shun mebut i hope that anyone who eads this could support me whatever prayers you say do for me. Due to my insecurities I would just like you to reply and let me know you have prayed for me.Thank you and try to understand that i am weak as of now and I have been fighting temptationfor as long as i can remember.I am a high school student crying out and i would simply like for people to constantly prey for me.and hopefully soon i can put another topic that tells of my re-birth.For m sake please do not be critical.
Thank you so much and god bless you.

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