Muslim Brotherhood preparing for Jihad on Israel

Walid Shoebat, former islamic terrorist turned Christian, talks about the new islamic revolution that is happening in the Middle East right now. Muslims use a cover of peace. You can't believe anything they say in English. You have to know what they are saying to their own people in ARABIC.

It is a muslim doctrine that it is OK to lie in order to gain a strategic advantage over the enemies of "Allah". This is why muslims will never openly tell their agenda in English to westerners, whom they consider to be "infidels".

If you do not believe this, check out Answering Islam on this subject or just google "muslims lie to infidels".

Sometimes I wonder is Obama is a secret muslim who is simply employing this principle of lying to infidels about his true allegiance in order to serve the principles of Islam. You have to look at his background and what he actually does, not only what he says.

The Era of Peace and Prosperity we have been accustomed to is shortly to end. The price of oil will skyrocket and the US dollar will collapse. Its best now to invest your time, money and resources in eternal things – like winning and discipling people to Christ around the world. Don't just save up your money for a rainy day, or even invest it all in gold and silver. All these things won't be worth much soon. Gold ownership has been and can be outlawed.

Find a way to invest in the spread of the gospel and gain eternal treasure for yourself instead. God will take care of you if you seek His Kingdom first. (Matthew 6:33)

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