More Ways to Start a Conversation about Christ

I mentioned in a previous article that you can start a conversation about Christ by asking people “Do you have faith in God?”

Here are some other ways you might like to start. They all have their uses at different times and places, depending on the circumstances and the state of people’s hearts.

“What do you think is the Meaning of Life?”

For street witnessing:

“Hello. I have something you might find interesting. . Do you have faith in God?”

For house to house and door-knocking:

Hello. My name is . We are from and we are doing a survey of spiritual beliefs in the community. Would you mind giving us just a couple of minutes of your valuable time to answer a few questions in this survey?”

Using What is Around to Bring the Conversation around to Christ

Subject: Drugs and alcohol/ wild parties etc. Say: I wish people knew how wonderful it is, how good it feels, to feel the presence of God. Then they wouldn’t need alcohol to feel OK. Do you think its possible to experience God?

Subject: sickness. Say: I believe that Jesus is real, that He rose from the dead. May I pray for your healing?

Subject: death.. This one is very sensitive. You need to show empathy. But depending on the situation you could also ask:

“Do you believe in life after death?”
“We are all going to die one day. Do you believe that God will somehow evaluate our lives at the end of it all?”
“If you were to die tonight – God forbid – do you believe you would be accepted by God into heaven and eternal life?”

Subject: school and study.

“Many people put a lot of effort into their studies, preparing for the future work, which is uncertain. Do you think it might also be wise to study to prepare for something which is certain, which is physical death? Would you be willing to know what the Bible has to say about life and death?

Subject: Money.
“We all need money on this earth. The Bible says that God will provide for us if we put Him first. Do you think that could be true?” Then share your testimony.

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