Modern Idols

When will we learn that the world’s offerings are garbage – that only Jesus

Love of Money – money represents the power to get what you want
in this world. Many people will sacrifice almost anything to get it – God,
family, friends, spare time, principles, morals. Find out why this idol
is not all that it is cracked up to be.

Television – hundreds of millions willingly devote hours a day
to this mesmerising idol. This idol tells you what to value, what to believe,
what to buy, what is cool, what is not. That’s why the commercial interests
of this world spend billions to get time on it. They know it controls you.
It can fill your mind with fantasy, with fear, with lust. Through this
idol, you can stare at beautiful women without social shame. It will bring
“the world” to your home. It helps you to adore the other false gods of
this world. Read more.

Computer Games – frustrated with real life? Feeling rejected?
You can spend hours shooting your cyber-enemies, building an imaginary
empire, practising virtual magic, fighting sci-fi wars. You can impress
everyone with your cleverness and withdraw immediately from anyone who
doesn’t like you, with the click of a mouse. Why mess with the real world
when you can have it all in cyber reality?

Rock and Roll – trust me, this
music will make you feel good. Just open up your heart and soul, get into
your body through the beat, and let the spirit of hell have its way with

Religious Icons – perhaps you are one of the millions who worship
Mary and religious icons. You feel safe because the church has taught you
this. Can a million monks be wrong? Yes, you may have different terms
for worship to justify this, but how do you know your worship is drawing
you closer to the God who gave the Second Commandment on Mount Sinai?

Allah – if Allah was the spirit who inspired the Qu’ran, he’s
not the God of the Bible, though he tried to gain credibility initially
through the Bible. Allah the moon god used to be just one of the gods in
a pantheon of arabic deities, but now all that is left to remind us of
this is the crescent on mosques and a few archaeological discoveries. Almost
a billion today worship this deity, and  many are willing to kill
and die for the principles of Islam. If you are among them, I challenge
you to check things out further. Your eternal destiny is at stake.
Hell is real, and will be full of muslims who were expecting upon death
to be guided to gardens with flowing rivers and sensuous women to pleasure
them. Islam has no “clear proofs” such as Jesus has given us and
continues to give us.

Power – whether you bow before the power of an oppressive State,
or in the name of personal freedom you seek to dominate others, you can
know for sure that you are bowing before this spirit. Find out why all
demonic power carries a price tag that is too high for you to wisely ignore.

Self – this is the idol of idols for most of us. Find out why
this idol must be sacrificed if we are to know God. Can we really
believe that GOD is better than ourselves? Can God be trusted with all
that we have and all that we are? I believe He can. Find out why.

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