Mockers about Second Coming Fulfill Bible Prophesy

Mockers about the Second Coming of Christ

With the massive publicicty surrounding the failed prediction of Harold Camping, atheists and other skeptics have had mock celebrations concerning the Rapture and so on.

In doing this, they are unwittingly fulfilling the prophecy of 2 Peter 3:3,4. I expect there will be even more wannabe prophets and Bible prophecy interpreters who will make a fool of themselves predicting dates for the Second Coming, and this will prompt a wider contempt in the public for the Christian belief that Jesus Christ is coming back to earth to judge the wicked and take his church out.

The best thing we can do whether Jesus is coming back this year or 100 years from now (unlikely as it is that it will now take THAT long) – the best thing we can do is ABIDE in JESUS, be filled with the Spirit, fear God and walk with God as best as we can. We ought to be out there ministering the Spirit of God to others however we can.

Don't get sidetracked by prophetic predictions concerning the end. We are in the end times anyway. Make sure everything you do counts for eternity anyway.

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