Missionary Geeta’s testimony!

Greetings from the USA, I recently read the following statement, “America needs God, but God doesn’t need America.” I pray that I never fall in that category I want God to need me. After all, He said, go ye (my name there) into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature- Mark 16:15. I have been to many parts of the world, and trust me when I say, I have preached to some creatures.


I am a single mother, totally sold out for Jesus. I am a “Missionary”  My heart is for souls, souls and more souls. I am a  fisher  of men, I catch the fish and someone else cleans them up”.



God has allowed me to go to many countries in Africa.  I have been privileged to minister in Peru, South America. I was so honored to go to my people in India, and  I have also been to the Philippines, and Haiti. How do I do it you may ask?  I just listen to the voice of the Lord, since He is the one that sends me out.


When the Lord said, “the just shall live by faith,” He repeated it four times just so we wont faint, get  tired and give up.  . It literally means keeping your eyes on Him, believing in his promises and knowing He cannot fail. Habakkuk 2:4Romans 1:17Hebrews 10:38, Galatian 3:11


The key to being used by God is listening to His voice. He said, my sheep know my voice- John 10:27.  You must know your calling. Whatever you find joy in doing is what you are called to do. I have seen people healed of AIDS, CANCER, and whatever they had faith for God to heal them of. I just believe that Jesus is. That is it. He is my boss. I get my instructions from Him. I know He cannot fail so, therefore, I cannot fail when I listen to Him.


When I first started out in the mission field, I didn’t even know how to lead someone to the Lord. I thought all I had to do was feed the poor, clothe the naked and take care of the orphans and widows. The first meeting I had, 5000 plus people showed up, and I asked the coordinator to get a pastor to lead these people to the Lord.  That was in 2004. Five years later, I have led over 30,000 people to the Lord, going from village to village.  GLORY TO GOD.



It can be done, just trust Him, If God can use me, He sure can use you. May God bless you as you read this testimony, and may you  be inspired to do the will of your Father, who is in heaven.







Missionary Geeta Arguello , 
P.O. Box 1431, 
Hallandale, FL 33008

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