Mission trip to India 2010

Missions Update
India 2010
When I think of India, I think of my ancestors and what their lives might have been like many years ago. I often wondered whether the Gospel was preached to the people freely, like it is now.  Where are my ancestors, my grandparents, are they in heaven, or are they spending eternity without Jesus; in hell?  This is a question that burns within me. Going back to India for the third time, was like going back to visit family. All of India is my family, and I am determined to tell them about JESUS!
The flight to India was rather long, I stopped at seven airports before arriving at my final destination. I fell asleep sitting on a chair in my hotel room, while the cleaners were preparing the room for my lengthy stay. I have taken long trips before, but some how this one wore me out (must have been all the engagements prior to the trip that did it). This of course didn’t hinder my meeting with the pastors from the villages less than 24 hrs later.
I had a frightening experience:  The Lord showed me thousands of people with their hands stretched forth, as if they were reaching out to me to save them. They were all screaming for help. They were going to hell and they knew it. This  gave me a new impetus to “go out and preach the Gospel to every creature“, Mark 16: 15. 
Many souls were saved, healed and delivered, but there are a few miracles that just stand out in my mind. The first was the maid that cleaned my room; young girl, brilliant, a student of Chemistry. She had problems bending, and she would hold her back every time she bent over to clean. She found out that I am a minister, and  came to me for prayer. “I want Jesus”, was a request made by more of a sign language than a spoken one; since her English was very limited. A few days later, I was sitting down watching her clean; this is when I discerned, and exclaimed with excitement, “hey wait a minute, you are bending over and not holding your back anymore?” She again indicated by signed language,”yes Jesus healed me”. The rest of the girls (maids) came to know Jesus because of this miracle. Glory be to God!
In one of the meetings, a woman came to find out if God can save her from,”committing suicide”. Her plan was to go home after the service and do what most women do when they have family problems, they drink poison thinking it’s the only solution to end their problems. Oh, but GLORY TO GOD!  She got a taste from the FOUNTAIN OF LIVING WATER and she is now happy and serving Jesus! 
Who can explain the great phenomena of a young boy, who would screamed every time his mom entered the yard in front of the church. I found out that the boy had been demon possessed for quite sometime, and his mother would be so embarrassed that she would not enter the church because the stares made her feel very uncomfortable. This went on for six months. The mother would hold the young boy on her hip while standing on the steps outside of the church. She would hold the boy for hours until the service was over; if she dared to enter the church, deafening screams would come from the boy. While I was preaching, the Holy Spirit said to me,”the mother and son should come inside the church”. The congregation was shocked since they expected that there would be chaos, and disturbance from the loud screams. I carried on with the service as if there was nothing out of the ordinary going on. By the end of the service the boy had lost his zeal to scream. His voice had diminished to that of an ordinary whimper. WHEN JESUS SHOWS UP, demons TREMBLE!  Well, Jesus showed up, and the demons ran!  I received a call from the pastor the next day, Sunday. He said, the whole church was in tears. The boy and his parents worshipped together for the first time in six months without any distractions. Now that is a phenomena (MIRACLE) that can only come from the power of a Healing JESUS!  The mother who was from a cast of staunch Hindus accepted Jesus and she is now saved and attending church peacefully with joy.
On a sad note, a young Muslim man was beaten up by his family for accepting Jesus as his savior. 
Has anyone ever pulled the plug on you while you were preaching? During one of my revival meetings, a group of dissidents decided to  turn off the power leaving us in darkness. I preached as if I didn’t notice the darkness, until the POWER OF GOD saturated the place and the lights were turned back on.
I visited the most remote areas in Guntur and outside of Guntur.  When 200 people show up for a meeting, that’s more than half of the population of the village. There were 2,000 people who attended the meetings, and 125 Pastors attended the Pastors Conference.  I preached in three digit temperature, my clothes and hair were drenched with sweat, and there was no shortage of bugs that went into my eyes, and mouth.  After the meetings one must eat dinner at the pastor’s home. This can take place at midnight, or whenever the meeting is over. After dinner, the prayer line is repeated all over again, only this is on a more personal level: the things I do for the Love of mankind and JESUS.  The list is long, I can go on and on about my experiences and the goodness of God, but instead, I am enclosing some of the testimonies that were sent to me. As you read, please keep in mind that English is not their first language.  
Giving God the Glory.
 So Many Ladies were  healed instantaneity and many  people  felt the Power of JESUS hit them when Rev Geeta, prayed.
1. One Man several years had asthma when The Rev Prayed he felt much better
2. One of the Hindu Women suffer with the finance problems after Rev Prayers she felt some free from the Burdens and she was follow to JESUS
3. One of men have no peace in his life all the failures  he was attendant the meeting seeking an answer in his life When Rev Preached the word  he was felt God was talking to him Directly and he give his life to JESUS
4. One of the Old Men was attendant the meeting he could not able to breathe perfectly
After Rev Prayer for his healing he felt much better to breathe proper yet Praise JESUS
5. One of Man have  stones in kidney doctors says must  operate and remove the stones in kidney But When the Rev prayed  for him on next couple of days the stones was come out thank you JESUS
6. One lady attended  the meeting with much burdens in her family she was going  to take the poison But When Rev. delivered  God’s word she was touch by the Holy Sprit and give her life for JESUS Amen
7.One of Lady have a Diabetics in several years she is using much medicines but no changes when  she was attendant the meeting and Rev Geeta to prayer for her she was fell some of the  change in her body next day she was check the diabetics  no more diabetics Praise God
8. The Hindu Lady was attendant the Rev Geeta Crusade, she had cancer .Rev Geeta  lay hands and prayed for her she was feel the power was touch and she was living normal, Praise God.
9. One of Man have a instant healing from his Leg Pain and he felt the power of God touching when Rev lay hands and prayed for him.
10.And One of Lady  she have  a back pain from several years when Rev Geeta Prayers she was healed no more back pains Praise God
11 A little Boy have high temperature  no hospitals in the villages the lady attendant the Crusades and after Rev Geeta Prayers the Little Boy healed instant and  her Mother praising God thank you Jesus
13. One of Lady have asthma from several years when Rev Geeta Prayer for she was  healed of asthma
14 One of Old Lady with Blurry eyes for several years, when Rev Geeta prayed for her she was seeing clearly image now Praise God
15. God was amazing to use to Rev Geeta to called in  the Names who was suffer in the pain in they life’s Praise God
16 .One of another religion lady attended the meeting and here the word of God and to touch by the holy Sprit and here life to JESUS. Rev Geeta Preach the word to know which God we re serving   the lady was touch his word and give her life to JESUS
17. One of the Old Man have a heart problem much blood pleasure he is much better
18. The Young men have the Leg pain instant healed
19. One Of Men give the testimony he never tasted the power of Jesus before when Rev Lay hands and prayer he felt some anointed  and after he get to speaking in Tongues
20. One of women was in the evil bondage’s  she was felt to come out from the evil bondage’s
21One of   the young couple have no peace for they family now she  they feels some changes in their life’s Praise God

Greetings to you in Jesus name. Missionary /Evangelist Geeta Arguello reached India safely on 16th of April 2010 at 12.30 noon. We have started the Ministry on 18th  with meeting at OBULANAIDU PALEM . The message was very blessed and nearly 200 people attended and been prayed by Evangelist Geeta/  I have witnessed many miracles and healing took place in that area.
On 19th and 20th of April   we have meetings in ETUKURU and large amount of  people gathered and have experienced the great preaching and miracles

On 22 and 23rd consecutive days we have meeting in a place called EDAVALLI which is having strong holds of idol worship and 2 days the villagers have experienced the touch and healing by Lord Jesus Christ. By the end of the 2 day meeting we could able to hear many testimonies.
On 27th we have meeting in Old Guntur in Muslim locality and that day nearly 150 people have attended and been blessed and many got healed. 
On 28th we have Pastors conference in BAPATLA  125 Pastors attended the conference and that day the Message was very powerful to the Pastors of What we are in Christ and also to know the potential in us and also to don’t feel bad of the situations but stay focused on Christ and be Positive. Evangelist Geetha have prayed for all the pastors for their blessing and she has blessed them with some spiritual Books to nearly 50 pastors who can read and also book marks to all who attended.
 On 29 th We have meeting in CHINAPALAPARRU nearly 200 people attended the meeting and been blessed many got healed and experienced a Touch from the Lord Jesus.
On 2nd Sunday Evangelist Geetha have Preached in Pastors Johns Church in Vijayawada many have attended and nearly 150 People have got a touch from the Lord through personal prayer . A girl of  came with severe body pains and after she has been prayed she got healed completely ,  A man who can only move his legs and hands because of his paralysis stroke got healed completely he could able to walk and can able to do what he cant able to do previously. Many got healed from their body ailments. Lastly toys were distributed to the  Sunday school children and all got book marks .
On 3rd we have traveled to Sea coast area which is called “HAMSALA DEEVI “ Typically called as “SWAN ISLAND”  The Hindu people count it as a  Holy place and on every full moon day thousands of People come to have dip in this Sea and worship the Goddess called SANGHAMESWARUDU where KRISHNA river will join into the  Sea of BAY OF BENGAL . When Evangelist Geeta visited that place even in 2006 she has come to bless the pastors . On that day she has blessed the Local pastors with some love offering and she has also helped a girl who want to acquire her theological training.
 On 6th evening we have pastors meeting for 8 pastors at the hotel. Evangelist  taught on how to live by faith and she has offered Dinner to the pastors and also blessed the pastors wives with watches.
On 8th morning we have a church meeting in a place called KURUPPAM PADDY nearly 30 people attended the meeting and experienced the Touch from the Lord a Boy who was demon possessed for the past 6 month got delivered and due to this boy his mother and father could not able to sit peacefully in the House it seems and now they can be happy due to the boys healing from demons. On 8th night we have the meeting in the same place out side of the church and nearly 60 people attended and been blessed.
On 9th evening due to rain we had meeting in the church and nearly 70 people attended and all got a touch from the Lord and experienced the deliverance and healing .
I thank the Pastors who worked with me in India. Nothing is impossible with God, and this was proven time and time again. God took the five loaves and  two fishes that we had, and He multiplied it for the hundreds who showed up to the meetings. The gifts for the congregations were more than enough, the communion elements that seemed insufficient before the meetings were more than enough, leaving us with a few extras that were distributed to the people.  This is what miracles, signs and wonders are all about. It can leave you  scratching your head, trying to  figure out what just happened, if you’ve never experienced the manifestation of the power of God.
May God bless each and everyone of my supporters, prayer partners, and well wishers. You made this possible by your obedience and your faith in the work that God is doing through “God’s Hand Reaching Out International Ministry. 
Yours in Christ Jesus,
Geeta Arguello
God’s Hand Reaching Out International Ministries, P.O Box 1431, Hallandale, FL 33008
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