Martial Arts are Dangerous

Martial Arts have their origin in the Orient. In learning Martial Arts under a master, you must bow to that master in order to take part in the training. You revere and worship those who you think can empower you.  You start with physical disciplines – learn to discipline your movements, and your mind. Later you are taught  to control your “breath” and “meditate” – in the Eastern sense, in order to unleash the power of “Ki” or “Qi”, which is also equivalent to the serpent power of Kundalini in Hinduism. To progress, you need to start to take on certain philosophies that are rooted in the conceptual worldview of Eastern Religions like Taoism and Buddhism. This power, which you think you are in control of, ends up controlling you. This power comes from evil spirits.  It is not “your” power. You have simply been conned into opening the door for evil spirits to work through you. Of course, they will not tell you that they are evil, and you may not know it. They disguise themselves. They use you. They deceive you.

If you are not convinced, please read the testimony and writings of a former Black Belt in Karate, Eric Wilson at

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