During this month I would really like to ask all my brothers and sisters in Christ to reach out to other christians and let some one know you care.So many christians are taking their life but so many dont realize that this web sight is here for those that are lost,hurting or just lonely.My story about being deliverd from the suicide spirit is on this web sight and if your hurting please take the time to read it.Around the world so many people are taking their lives but I am so deeply humbled and crushed in the spirit knowing that christians are taking their lives.Please dont assume that just because you see some one in church is there that their ok.I dont mean to bother any ones joy this holiday season but I am getting reports from all over about people taking their lives.Infact one youth pastor bought several copies of my book called Suicide Spirit and handed them out all over.Please realize that lonelyness,depression and feeling sad brings a person to isolation than they look at suicide.If you know of a person like this take a meal to them,invite them over,just buy them a cup of coffee.We as christians need to realize that knowing Jesus Christ isnt about us its about showing Christ love.So please just reach out because you dont know what little you do can save a persons life.If you dont believe me talk to God in prayer and he will show you.Thanks so much Tim T

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