London Street Evangelism

A quick testimony for you: Two weeks ago, we went out in two’s on street evangelism (something I had never done before!). We gave out tracts and the LORD used us to minister to several people. (My partner, a lady, seemed very experienced – it seemed she could get anyone’s attention and start a conversation with them!)

One of the people we met claimed to be a lawyer and seemed bitter to have recently lost a case in court. From the way he spoke it was apparent that he had been trying to do something about it, guess what, drinking! Anyway after telling him how Jesus changed our lives my partner asked if we could pray for him and the man agreed. She then asked me to pray for him right there on the sidewalk in a busy street. When I started praying, barely a minute into prayer, the power of God hit the man and he started to slowly fall down and was saying, ‘This is a different kind of prayer, power is in this prayer etc.’. We helped him to the floor … My lady partner asked him if he would like to receive Jesus and he immediately said, ‘Yes’. I then led him in prayer to receive Jesus. Although he could not remember his address, at this point, he had sobered up enough to give us his correct name and phone number and was urging us to please call him … which my lady partner did that evening!

In the mean time, one of the passers-by at the scene asked another pair of ‘evangelists’ from our church whether they were Christians. When they said ‘Yes’, he voluntarily asked them to pray for him and they did -it was as if to say he needed some of what the other guy (on the floor) was getting!


Ola Stevens

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