The Limitations of Apologetics

There are huge apologetics sites out there on the net. For example search for apologetics on Yahoo or google. Its a lot of hard work to patiently demolish the arguments and lies that have been built up over many years in people’s minds concerning Christianity and especially the core message of Jesus Christ. Unfortunately I don’t have enough time to write comprehensively on the subject – there’s enough work in this area to fill many lifetimes.

It is good though that you can get directly to the truth by calling upon the name of Jesus. He will answer that call if you are sincere, and you will know there is a God. God like to reveal Himself to people in all kinds of ways. Intellectual demonstrations have opened some to Christ, and won a very few, but for most what it really takes is a working of the Holy Spirit through the “foolishness of preaching” (1 Corinthians 1:21).

Some apologetics ministries have both good and bad materials. Some of them are full of intellectual pride and see themselves as appointed by God to tear down everything in the church they disagree with. Some deny the power of God and adopt a fortress mentality, endorsing only their own narrow brand of intellectualized Christianity. Real Christianity majors on the Spirit of God, but it also seeks to line up with the Scriptures. Its good to read widely and not consider just one kind of viewpoint. The truth on most contraversial issues is not entirely with any one person or school of thought.

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