Life in the States!!!

Living in the United States all of my life has been a blessing but in some cases im not so sure. Recently some missionaries went to China and wanted to share the Gospel with them and to the main stream way of having “church.” There response was “No thanks, we seen how Americans did missionary work in Russia and now they are full of Denominations and division. How sad but true and yet Christians just go alone with every day life going to churches with slightly different doctrines than other churches and yet everyone THINK that they are right. Living in America has sheltered and hindered the realness of the Gospel and we have lived spoiled christians lives. In Africa people will walk for miles and miles just to hear the Gospel of Yeshua (Jesus) and over here, people think of it as an inconveience if they have to drive over 20 minutes to get to church, then want a feel good message as well as being Entertained. Upcoming persecution to the believers here in the States is very well needed, for this will be the only thing (as with the majority of believers) that will get get christians to change their hearts and to reprioritized, that which is important to God. On a prophetic note we have seen that 2012 was a year of preparation for those who were listening and now each believer are beginning to reap what they have sown from late 2011 until August-Sept of 2012. God is getting ready to place his people in their position(s) for the upcoming year. Discernment is the key for 2013 and beyond, for without it deceptions will be your companion. It is time for ALL believers to begin to come together as a family and to shed our differences which has separated us. There is strength in numbers and besides we all need one another…

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