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Personally, I'm very interested in the education of my own children, and if you have children of your own, I'm quite sure you will be very interested in their education also.

One of the foundational skills for any child is the ability to read. Reading opens the door for all kinds of opportunities in life. The sooner your child learns to read, the sooner they will be able to learn other things. 

I believe that success in the early years of school and even pre-school lays a great foundation for a child. Early success in learning leads to a tremendous personal confidence which will remain throughout all the school years. It does a lot for the self-image of the child when they hear that they are doing well.

I remember doing well in kindergarten and first grade. I was reading children's novels in Year 1, of a couple of hundred pages each, and so my confidence levels academically were very high. This stayed with me throughout my entire school and University life.

On the other hand, when we experience discouragement and failure in a particular area the natural tendency is to give up and find something else to take pleasure in. 

At some stage in my life, probably in early high school, I had negative experiences with manual arts – woodwork and so on. It was unfortunate because it probably happened because I skipped a year and had to sit for a test I had never studied for. This evolved for me into a belief that I couldn't do practical things successfully. Only recently this has been somewhat improved due to my practical involvement in the construction of a transportable home.

So one of the areas I want to be involved in as far as Christian mission is concerned is the distribution of computer based training educational products. There is a vast scope here. Some excellent products have been developed. One very popular one is mentioned here below. I invite you to take a look at it. Also please recommend in the comments products you have found helpful for your children.


Hooked on Phonics - Learn to Read Kids Product

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