Karl Marx Always Believed in God

I am reading an insightful and well documented book by Richard Wurmbrand, who loved communists as perhaps few others have. He was imprisoned by them in Romania, and prayed for them and witnessed to them in love, even after sustaining tortures and beatings and harrassment and extreme deprivations at their hands!

He has researched the writings of Marx, Engels, Lenin, and historical documents to clearly show that Karl Marx believed in God and that he believed in Jesus Christ. Marxism was born of Karl Marx’ belief in God, for it was his supreme effort to destroy the God whom he had now come to hate as a Satanist.

Communism itself is atheist in name only – under the surface you will find however a defiance of God whom they believe exists but with whom they are at war.

Listen to an interview conducted about “Marx and Satan” here. Part One.” Part Two.

To order the book, “Marx and Satan”Click Here.

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