I have been baptized before on November the 22nd 2009 and this was done by a Bishop but this only involved my head being placed over a font and i knew in my heart that this was not right and that i need a full emersion where my whole body would have to be sub-merged.
The night before
So the night before my Baptism I decided to watch a secular film, which I do very rarely to cheer myself up. I picked a comedy called ‘O brother where art though’ and about 20 minuet’s in to the film there was a Baptism and immediately I started to cry, I have seen this film before but I forgot all about the Baptism scene and i knew that this was a sign from God. I carried on watching the film and when the film was over i had this strange feeling to go outside for a walk, so I put on my coat and shoes and off I went. I did not know where I was going. I had an urge to walk down a certain street but I carried on walking past it, then I turned back and walked down this street but then I turned around to walk back up but the urge to carry on back down the street came back so I turned around and carried on walking I came to a junction turned left and stopped in my tracks. I said to God where to now? I turned around and looked up and I was stood in front of a Baptist church and the word Baptist stood out really boldly to me and I knew that this was another sign. I walked onwards down a very narrow dark path, as was about 12:30AM and I came out onto another street and I stopped. Again I said to the Lord ‘Where to now Lord?’ I looked up and in front of me was a sign that said ‘Your plans……’ This was a bill board with lots of words displayed but these 2 words are the only words that stood out to me. I walked back home and opened my Bible at random to Isaiah 37 which is headed ‘Jerusalem’s Deliverance Foretold’. I went off to bed and once I had finished praying I got into bed and opened the Bible at random again and this was Luke Chapter 3 and this is all about Jesus getting baptized by John and yet again more signs.
Baptism of water
We had a morning service and an afternoon service where the actual Baptism was to take place. I was on my third day fasting and I did not think that they would have Holy Communion but there was the bread and I thought to myself ‘Yes, I will fetch the bread for our row and I will have an extra piece because I am so hungry as I was on a no food fast but I was drinking tea and juice’. Well before I got up out of my seat this gentleman that is a whopping 90 years old came to me directly with some bread in his hands for our row and he placed the tiniest piece of bread that i have ever seen in my hands. I started laughing as I knew that this was a joke from God, this has never happened someone from each row collects bread for that row and I do not even see where he was sat all I know is that he was not on our row. I am so glad that God has a sense of humor.

Some words that were spoken over me by the people at church just before I was baptized:-

In the morning service a lady that I had not met before came up to me when the Minister asked people if they had a word for me and she said ‘You are in a furnace and God is using fire to smelt you but when He has finished with you, you will be able to ask for anything and it shall be done for you’.

At the evening service just before my baptism a good woman the gentle female prophetess I know said ‘Shaun you have a shield around you that you have built up yourself because of your past and you need to let this shield drop away’.

I was also referred to ‘Shaun the sheep’ twice – both times explaining that I have to submit to God and also submit to the Church leaders and not to stray away from the flock but to stay where it is safe and feast on god spiritual food. I came home and opened the Bible at a random page to Jer 50:4 – which also talks about sheep, so my doubts were put aside.

I was also informed that I will hear the voice of God a lot more.

I came out of the water shouting to Hallelujah feeling awesome and rejuvenated and I felt 7 foot tall.

I came home and cooked myself something to eat because I had done a juice fast for three days and was hungry, after I had finished eating I received a text message from an old friend informing that he had got some weed and if I wanted to join him that I was to pop down and see him, he said the weed was really good and called ‘black widow’, I never replied to the text, the enemy just could not wait to try and lead me back into sin.
Baptism of Fire
While I was laid in bed that night I thought it would be awesome to try and pray to God for His Holy fire, I prayed to the Holy Spirit to ignite in my belly, for His fire to burn within me and I repeated this over and over again, asking for the Holy God fire to burn and ignite within me. I just kept repeatedly asking and asking and then I felt it, fire in my stomach, it felt like a single flame burning, it did not hurt but it burned and the more I asked the more intense the flame grew. This feeling was better than all the drugs that I have ever taken. Then I thought what do I do with this fire? I am going to continually ask for this fire to grow in me.
Baptism of Joy and Peace
As soon as i returned home i felt so much joy, the joy of the Lord was bursting out of me, i was flying around my house singing and praising the Lord. The joy of the Lord has returned back into my life.
The next night i was sat in my living room and i watching a sermon on peace and i asked for God to impart His peace upon me and this flood of pure peace came over me, i could feel the Holy Spirit in my stomach and i was full of the Lords peace i did not move for an hour, just bathing in His peace. This was the most peaceful that i have ever felt in my life.
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Jesus is Lord.

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