Judgment Is Not Bad

I have seen recently a lot of discussion about God’s judgments. We all have to remember that God the Father is the Judge of all things, and when we hear the word ‘judgment’ it doesn’t mean something bad. In the eyes of the Lord His judgments are what He uses to bring forth His kingdom. Now, the Lord may allow for certain circumstances to occur that may appear to our natural minds or the world as being ‘bad,’ but the Lord is doing and performing these decisions based on what HE’S trying to accomplish for His kingdom (Rom. 8:28). In fact, the Scriptures say that all His judgments are right and true (Ps. 119:75). In simplicity, judgments are really decisions. And, according to the Lord, He makes His decisions based off Himself and who He is. He is faithful to Himself, the Truth and true to His Word (His Son Jesus). When He allows for circumstances to occur, and yes, He IS involved in EVERY circumstance because He calls the shots on what may be allowed …it is the mercy of God…if the people recognize it. There are many factors that bring forth His decisions (or judgments) for what He’s ordered. Sometimes, it’s to allow people that are unsaved to cry out to Him and be saved; sometimes it’s to help others understand the areas that they need to grow in in their faith or understanding of the Lord; sometimes it is for those that are suffering to be relieved of it; sometimes it is for repentance; and sometimes it’s to remove what will eventually hinder one or many peoples’ chance of full redemption in Him. And as for the loss of loved ones…as the Lord has taught me, sometimes He has to take one life, in order to save many (sound familiar to the true Gospel?).
Understanding judgments of the Lord are an important part of understanding the kingdom of God. To embrace them with maturity is the key…with His eyes of understanding, His Holy Spirit’s leading…we can do that. It is very important to remind ourselves that the Lord is involved in many things at one time and uses circumstances as opportunities for His people (or those He is calling unto Himself) to look to His Spirit’s leading, so that He may be glorified in it. No matter what it appears as on the outside, if the Lord’s allowed for it to happen, then His judgment is right for the circumstances…whatever He’s trying to reveal. We just need to as a Body, intercede on behalf of all others , as they go through or prior to, these things occurring – so that what the Lord’s trying to accomplish for His kingdom , is truly performed for Him and His glory.
Judgment we should not run from, as a Christian, instead we should embrace it & say, “Yes Lord, if this is what you want me (or others) to endure, I will (or so be it), just show me what you want me to know of You in it.” I think we have gotten away too long with thinking judgment is bad. Only in the carnal mind is it seen as that (because if one thinks of a judge in a carnal sense they think of someone telling them what to do). If this is the case (no pun intended), than it may be that we are misunderstanding or misinterpreting who God is. Isn’t He Lord (the One who IS to tell us what to do, by His Spirit)? Could it be we haven’t fully dealt with allowing Jesus to be fully Lord in our lives, allowing His Spirit to control us? Maybe this is more so a control issue that hasn’t been dealt with in the flesh, which alters our perspective on how God the Father makes His judgments or decisions for His righteousness’ sake.
Some further Scriptures I would like to suggest with this: Heb. 12:10; Heb. 10:22-39; Matt. 6:33; John 16:22-27; 1Cor. 15:18-29; 2Tim. 2:1-13; Hos. 4:1-7 (May you seek the revelation in these as the Spirit leads pertaining to what’s written above).

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