Jesus You Are Beautiful To Me

I wonder why there are times that I can’t open my mouth to praise You?
Deep within me, I call to You and ask You to listen, yes even to my silence…
My soul seems to tell You, “Hey, Father, please just sit with me and be with me as I let time pass by doing nothing more than being still…”
I love You God. You’re all I need in my life. I want to feel Your presence and to have that closest relationship with You, if there could be something greater and deeper than that, I just want to live my life in a very intimate relationship with You.
I want to fall in love with You over and over again and be totally faithful to You. You know how many times my heart wandered around and played in folly. Right now Lord, I need Your love songs. I need Your embrace. I need Your touch.
You have showered upon me all the grace that I need to keep living.
I just want to praise You this time. I await for that moment when I can behold You face to face, my dearest Savior.
Thank You Lord for Your goodness in my life.
I’m writing this journal like fluid. Words just go forth freely. My heart swells with gratitude to You and praise to Your majesty and goodness. You are beautiful to me. You are my Father, my Savior and my Comforter.

I love You God.

jd musa (jan. 15, 2013)

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