Jesus the ultimate teacher.

I would like to give thanks to the Lord Jesus my Savior and Lord for helping me succeed at my first term of business college at Mccann School of Business and Technology in Carlisle Pa. I prayed in accordance with certain truths that I have learned scriptually from the Word of God. 2 Timothy 2:15 and John 14:26 primarily. I requested often of the Lord during my expedited 6 week introduction to Mccann to assist me with my studies. I earned a 3.33 grade point average (2 B’s and an A). It was exceptional in that the course load was a bit difficult because of the speed in which the learning took place and I was opposed by certain people close to me, in and out of school. Anyone who has done an excelerated course knows what I am talking about. But the Lord Jesus is the extra help needed for that type of educational challenge. The bible says that there is nothing to hard for God. I am now so grateful for that foundational proof that he helps. From that base I can now trust that my next term (not excelerated) will go much smoother. Since the pace will be normalized I know that my grades will be even higher yet. Jesus doesn’t lie and he doesn’t fail to answer us when we call to him in prayer for help. I encourage you to call on him if you are facing an educational challenge of some kind. HE WILL SEE YOU THRU IT. Another scripture that really assisted me was Matthew 7: 7 and 8. God bless you.

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