The Government of Jesus shall destroy the New World Order

“For unto us a Child is born; Unto us a Son is given; And the Government shall be upon His shoulder. And His name will be called Wonderful, Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.

“And of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end.” (Isaiah 9:6,7)

Many people who understand that Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners haven’t really got a deep appreciation of the fact that Jesus came for much more than to be your Personal Savior.

The world we live in today has earthly governors, presidents and rulers who for the most part are LOST SINNERS, who imagine themselves to be far more than they really are.

The “wisdom” by which many have ruled of late has been and is showing to be FOOLISHNESS. It has been moral and intellectual foolishness – that is to say, it has been both EVIL AND stupid.

The good news is that Jesus Christ is going to have a government on earth. In fact He already does – it is just that the particular FORM of government which is operating now does not always LOOK like the Lord Jesus is in effective control. That, by the way, is because the Christian church, taken as a whole, doesn’t even come close to praying the way God has commanded us to pray. So what we see today is the foolishness, greed, pride and oppression of silly men, who imagine they can wave their fists in the air at Almighty God, flout all of God’s principles, and bring in some sort of “New World Order” of peace and prosperity for THEMSELVES and their elite buddies – the rest of the world be damned. Well, I am telling you, no matter WHAT evil things may yet come to pass on the earth, and no matter how it looks, Jesus Christ is STILL IN CONTROL and He will ultimately confine all these wicked rulers to the Lake of Fire where they belong – unless of course, they TRULY repent.

The western world, led principally by the United States of America, is at the time of writing on a path towards FASCISM, DICTATORSHIP and oppression. This has been brought in under the guise of the “war on terror”. Well, it has been a war of sorts, but what it really has been is a war on personal liberty, a war on the American constitution and the Bill of Rights, a war on justice and a war on the leaders of any country who are not in harmony with the American vision for a globalist New World Order. I am sorry if my saying this offends you, but if you are going to take offense, you would be better off being offended by those who will shortly be ordering the arrests and deportations to concentration camps, the presence of which in your country is very adequately documented on YouTube and plenty of other places on the internet.

My point is not to rail against the “New World Order” and its murderous designs, but to let you know that Jesus Christ is going to come again and bring in TRUE PEACE. Potentially things could have been wonderful since the first coming of the Lord, but God’s people, by and large, have not been faithful to REALLY PRAY and take hold of the promises of God they could have enjoyed. As a result, the devil has taken the chair. The devil’s kingdom is a kingdom of darkness – a place where the light of truth doesn’t shine. Its a kingdom that would be a lot weaker today had we taken hold of God in PRAYER and REALLY INVITED OUR LORD to get involved in the things of the earth.

No matter how bad things will get in the short term – and they could get VERY ugly, always remember that it is only a temporary state of affairs. This present age is passing away very quickly. Soon the devil will come to the earth and make a lot of trouble – knowing that his time is short. The enduring Kingdom of Jesus Christ is presently only a secret kingdom on the earth that operates through prayer, faith and obedience and the power of the Holy Spirit where conditions make it possible for God to work. I call it a “Prayerocracy”. But one day, Jesus will come and destroy the antichrist. Even if between now and then we must suffer, remember that it is only temporary. Eternity however, is forever. And the good news promise of the verse quoted above is that “Of the increase of His Government and Peace there shall be no end.” Praise God for that. We may have corrupt police and corrupt officials in so many countries, but the time is coming when those who remain in Christ will benefit from AN EVER INCREASING STATE OF WELL-BEING THAT COMES FROM THE RULE OF JESUS CHRIST – the true “shalom” of God will be in evidence everywhere. And it will only get BETTER and BETTER for those who love the Lord. This is what the Bible promise in Isaiah 9:7 – and I thank God for it.

We can still demonstrate the reality of God’s Kingdom even in these dark days IF WE BELIEVE AND PRAY AND ENDURE. We can have local revivals, heal the sick and cast out demons. We can bring relief to the poor and hurting. Even during the reign of the Antichrist in the book of Revelation, the TWO WITNESSES were able to operate unopposed and bring God’s judgments to the earth through their prayers. They were a real nuisance to the enemies of God, til finally they are slain – then resurrected and taken to heaven to the Lord.

We must realise that our present human systems of government are failing. Democracy in America is now a sick joke. Democracy – rule by the people – is a Greek Concept – and not a Christian one at all. But “the people” are not in control of who is in power in America, so its not really democracy, but quasi-fascism that is at work there. Fascism is where big business interests unite with and control the government. The votes of the people might be ignored or the process rigged if media brainwashing can’t achieve the planned result anyway. We’ve seen that. The recent “financial bailout” of banking elites was rejected by the people of America and initially by Congress, but it was passed a few days later because of the pressures that were brought to bear from the elites in America. You can see on youtube at the time of writing how some congressmen say that they were basically threatened with a scenario of “Martial Law” if they would have voted down the provisions of that Act. In other words, the gloves are coming off and you people have a kind of toothless “puppet parliament” that will rubber stamp any kind of unconstitutional bills that the elite want passed. Anyway, the whole concept of the bailout is ridiculous because the Federal Reserve has released trillions in the last few months to hold up the stock market for now. What is a few hundred billion compared with the writedowns of the US housing market anyway? Not much. And when the time comes for the major crash from which there will be NO effective recovery, the whole house of cards will come tumbling down, and then it will only be those Christians who have living faith in God that will be able to stand true for Christ.

I’m so glad that Jesus Christ is real and that His Kingdom is forever. If you call yourself a Christian, now is the time to ensure that you are FIRMLY planted in THAT KINGDOM which will endure forever. No one can rule as well as Jesus Christ. And may God save us from professed born-again Christian leaders that will ultimately prove themselves to be monsters who have sold out to the devil for a temporary moment of dominion on the earth. I would not be surprised if the Antichrist arises from the “church” because another title for the church is “The Temple of God”. See 2 Thessalonians for more details.

Bring these things before the Lord. Today its vital that we understand that really we are in a “prayerocracy” and that the world could be changed if Christians will pray. The promises were always there. Proofs of this concept will be there for those who will take up the challenge and DO IT. We should always pray if we are to be obedient to our Lord. But it might be that the real change will come in the form of the Second Coming of the Lord in response to the desperate prayers of God’s people – and not according to some kind of gradual dominionist scenario in which the church, led by its “apostles” and “prophets” gradually take over the institutions of the world. I believe that God is preparing us to get really desperate for the return of Christ by economic shakings, Beast governments and disillusionment with the corrupted Christian religious systems that have set aside the True Holy Spirit of God for various kinds of demonic substitutes.

And when we are desperate enough, and pray “Thy Kingdom Come” with total faith and desire, it is going to happen.

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