Jesus came to me for a while….

I am 42 years of age and have been raised in the greek orthodox church. I would like to share this story with you of how jesus came to me and enveloped me in his love. It all began before I was born and mum had a vision while pregnant. An angel came to her and said you will have a baby girl and you will call her Paraskevi, mum gave birth to me and gave me that name, In our greek orthodox religion the name Paraskevi represents our Saint Paraskevi who is the holder and healer of eyes. As i grew older there were many noticeable signs that I would have many eye problems in my life. They ranged from astigmatism, to crossed eye and eventually to a retinal detachment in my right eye which left me blind in that eye. About 6 weeks ago i started to notice weird blind spots in my eye, I eventually ended up seeing 6 eye specialists who could not see anythng wrong with my eye, but I was told that it could lead to a retina detachment in my good eye which could leave to blindness. Only I know the depression, anxiety and worry that I had experienced over the last few weeks over this, at times I just wanted to die not being able to live with the fact that I might go blind.
Then it happened so suddenly so unexpectedly, as I was lieing in bed on Sunday morning 19/7/09 , i closed my eyes for a short while and then the warmest feeling came over me, over my eyes I felt Jesus’s hand slowly pass over my eye, I cant begin to explain the feeling to you, i opened my eyes and for the first time in 6 weeks I went about the day as though nothing was wrong with my eye, I could not see the spots, there was no worry, and again later that night about 6.00 pm Jesus came to me again, he was with me for about a half hour, his energy, the love that he had for me was undescribable, I thought I knew what love was all about but this was pure eternal giving of love, he spoke to me and said to me that from here on I should change my ways, become more loving more compassionate to others, to follow the road of good, not to be angry or sad or jealous, just be pure and loving. I began to cry while he was with me because I now know what it felt like to be in the kingdom of heaven with Jesus and the love that he has for us all. I will never ever forget this epiphany, as Jesus came to me after weeks and weeks of asking for help. I told my partner what had happened and also my mum too, who is a beautiful christinan woman. I could not stop crying, it was the most beautiful the most intense feeling I have ever had in my life, this wil stay with me forever. I now know that Jesus is beside me, that he is alive and with us, and he loves us all unconditionally…………..

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