Woke up this morning to the shocking news of an earthquake,plus a tsunami off the north east coast of Japan. My son and his wife live further south on the east coast, and obviously I am very concerned for them.

We rung them on their mobiles and there was no reply at first for nearly an hour. Eventually my son sent a message saying he had just got home and had felt some tremors where he worked. Kunie, his wife came home just after him and was worried about a friend in the north of the country, who hasn’t been in touch. While we were talking, Kunie’s friend sent a message, that she was OK, but her home was destroyed.

Mark, our son is keeping us updated through his facebook page, and says he won’t get much sleep tonight! I am worried about what happens next, because of the reports of maybe more shocks, and the problems they are having with their nuclear power plants cooling systems (one is having cooling problems now).

My wife and daughter are supposed to be going to see mark and Kunie on Tuesday next week, but now we don’t know what will happen? Please pray for all the people in Japan.

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