Jakobe, Jakobe You are the One that I Love

I was beaten.

My enemy was so strong that I questioned if I was wrong for disliking him.

He was my brother.

He hated me, he turned all that I knew against me. He beat me down on the street with the help of a friend I had bought home from the street to live, joined in by others that I knew from childhood.

My Mother, whom I loved and was once the favorite son, turned her back on me once I lost my job and could no longer serve her.

My friends, well, you know how they go.
I was a titan of a young man in the eyes of others. I had to fall.

I had just gone through the ugly scars of racism. (I include this because I didn’t know it existed until I worked around white people)

It was only so many monkey jokes I could take until I realised the hatred behind it.

It all came down in an instant. I was on the phone talking to a friend, when I heard shouting in the kitchen.

I walked in to see my sister being harassed by her boyfriend whom she had separated from.

My mother loved the man and wanted reconciliation, although my sister was in pain.
I looked upon them for a brief second and began to walk back to the room. “Would you stand by your father” I heard a voice say.

I knew it was God. Not supernaturally, just as natural as you reading this.

I told my friend on the phone that I had to go. I walked to the kitchen and asked my sisters X to leave her be.

(My sister & I were never close, she was an antagonist in my life since birth *smile*)

I challenged him to go outside, -I didn’t want to fight, but I was not to hold anything back from God-

We went to the park, where the words didn’t escalate into a physical confrontation.

As I walked back to the house, my brother looked upon my sisters X and said to him: “You gonna let him talk to you like that man?”

I was in shock! What did he mean?!
“I would talk to you like that!!!!”

My little brother met me at the bottom of the steps,
(He could never beat me & we both knew that)
But to my surprise, the man that I had taken off the street to live with us, the one that wore my clothes, the one that I helped feed, grabbed me from behind and held me while my little brother beat me bloody.

After this, I went upstairs bloody, where the X now had the courage to fight me also. I lost all strength, I had nothing.

My job was gone, I lived in the house with my Mother & her new sons. I could hear them taunt me outside of the bedroom.

If you want to know death, you don’t have to see the grave. I died that night. I was spiritually dead.

The young men that I had cared for betrayed me, and spiritually,killed me. The family that I had known betrayed me. My Father that asked me to stand by him?

Well, everything changed in fortune for the young men & the family. They all became like Stars!

Blessings poured in from places they would never expect.

Jobs, Money , Cars & the little brother that couldn’t get a girl, became like a King to all around!

Just when I thought God was about to punish them, a new gift would appear from the sky. They could do no wrong!

Then I just, gave up. I had to acknowledge that this man -1 year younger than I- was the chosen of God, he must be.

I asked God “If he is your son father, I will serve him”
Then I went to bed.

I woke up from my sleep shaking my head side to side calling a name I did not know; “Rachel! Rachel!”
Then I looked up to the ceiling and heard a loud voice speak down to me:

“Jaaaakoob,Jaaaakoob, YOU, are the One, that I Love”

I didn’t know who Jakob was, Neither did I know of a Rachel!

So I began to look it up in the bible concordance.

The story doesn’t end, I am alive & I still strive for all that is God.
I wish I could share more.

But I am careful not to offend or make you afraid to walk in the way of the Lord.

I love you brothers (Male & Female) with all of my heart, you are not alone!

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