Is War with Iran Now Imminent? (November, 2011)

The press in Australia is starting to make loud noises about the need for us to do something about Iran. There are many who believe that the reason war drums are beating concerning Iran is that Western Powers are concerned about access to strategic oil and gas reserves. For an example of this viewpoint, hear the video below:

I know someone who claims that "World War III is upon us" already. He claims to have ties to certain parts of the intelligence community. Whether what he says is true or not, we do see signs that we are being conditioned to accept a major war against Iran.

This would be bad enough, but if China and/or Russia is drawn into the conflict, it will be "the end of the world as we know it". What would we do without all the cheap Chinese goods and parts flowing into our nations?

The history of the world shows that leaders of empires don't always care too much how their actions will impact the common man. Is it possible that the USA, NATO and Israel are mobilizing for war right now? 

Of course, Islam is also bent on world domination. Would it be better to be ruled by muslims or by illuminists masquerading as humanists and Christians? Neither alternative is very attractive to me. I'll rejoice when Jesus finally comes to take the reins of a world He has every right to rule.

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