Is Selena Gomez a Christian?

It has been reported widely over the net that Selena Gomez, former girlfriend of Justin Bieber, has denied that she is a Christian. She talked about this immoral movie she was involved in, in which the director when meeting her apparently covered up or removed some of the pronography on his wall. Here is what Selena Gomez said about that, as quoted in the Canadian Press and verified by Agence France Press and Yahoo OMG!: below:

He thought I was super, super Christian,” said Gomez, clad in a strapless animal-print dress next to her co-stars and director.

“I was like, ‘If I was a Christian girl, I probably wouldn’t have done this movie.'”‘ (Canadian Press)

What we are seeing here is yet another nominally Christian entertainer coming out and denying Jesus Christ. It has become almost a cliché. Some rising pop star teenager talks about how she loves Jesus and isn’t going to have sex until she marries. And the worldly church of today kind of gets all excited about it because they are desperately looking for some kind of credible celebrity figure to give a passing nod to Christianity. And the marketers get to sell their wares to the gullible Christian public, which they own anyway. And then, after some time, when the charade gets too ridiculous to maintain any further, the public rejection and mockery of Christ begins.

I’m weary and a little angry too about all this. Nominally Christian people are giving WAY too much attention to these kind of people anyway. And it only results in dishonor for Jesus Christ, our Savior. The One who gave His blood and flesh on a cruel cross so that we could be reconciled to a Holy God.

As Christians we need to be out there doing the works of Jesus. And if we like music, which is a gift from God, we ought to be as spirit-filled Christians “singing and making melody in our hearts to the Lord”. Maybe if we wrote more songs and melodies with the Scriptures in them, we’d have less time to worry about whether some worldly star is or isn’t a Christian.

Of course most of them aren’t following Jesus. They are pandering to the market. It is market driven, not Spirit led. And in the end, they ALL deny Jesus Christ. They profess to know God, but by their works they deny Him. And then, they often deny him with their words. At least the honest ones do. The really dangerous and deceived ones maintain the charade and keep misleading Christian young people.

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