Intellect doesn’t mean you be morally correct. Have your intellect every stop you from fornicating or committing an act of adultery. Has your intellect stopped you from stealing or doing what you know is not right. I say with confidence NO. For prostitution happens within the office but it is done for promotion, stealing happens with the office but we call it white collar crime, we take from the poor and give to the rich and call it lotteries, we change finance figures and call it accounting, we trick people into buying a product and call it good marketing, we go to court tell lies for our clients an call it being a good layer (what a shame). We teach lies within our schools such as evolution an call it education, men becoming greedy for money/wealth and we call it inflation, people kill the innocent every day and we call it abortion, we misrepresent people and change information and call News and good Reporting (lies), We say our societies are better off as we have increased in literacy and intellect.
I say no for we have forgotten the truth as we have been exposed to sin and crime for so long that we have become desensitise to what is happen right before us. We have even changed the name of SINS and call them Natural Behaivour and a part of Business.
It is time us as Christians step out and speak out for God (Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit) and let the Nations of the Earth know the truth about what acceptable to them.

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