I was wondering….

I have recently noticed that my family has a problem with cussing & corse jesting. I know to some people this may seem like such a small issue or even a non issue, I find it a very foolish viewpoint to see things like swearing and makeing jokes that are dirty in nature as a non issue or a non problem. It is a stumbling block to many. Once you start seeing it as No big Deal then we become lax in so many other areas. I even find myself sickened to my stomach when I hear people speaking in a dirty way. I was wondering how many others out there are dealing with this issue in themselves or their families. As a kid I never thought anything of it, but today I; hear cursing everywhere. I went out to eat with my family one day and a group of man came into eat and they saw the women & children there and didn’t Think twice about curbing their tongues. I being a momma stood up, Walked over to them and said excuse me but could you please curb your language, I have my children here & there are many other kids in here. They appolagized and were very polite about it. Yet what can this say about us as a society. I hear profuse swearing almost everywhere I go and I have even seen moms yelling at their little ones, cussing the whole time and not thinking twice. It gets so bad that at times I slip and it comes out of my own mouth. I only know one way to not swear and that is just by not doing it, and if I slip, I apollagize quickly and start over. I have seen that I am not the only believer with this problem, in the old testament it happened too. I trust in the lord and I pray that I won’t stumble each day, yet I fight the urge in my flesh daily. And I know that I can’t be the only one out there whom has a family with a dad or uncle or cousin or aunt, that tells dirty jokes all the time. I Would love to hear from other believers that have deAlt with this issue and to hear what they did to curb it. I know in myself, Jesus is the only way for me to defeat any issue that. I find that when I die to myself and let jesus live Big in me; He does just that. Is it just me that has noticed the increase in filthy language and behavior in the world today? Or is it Simply an end times sign? I think that it may be both. I hope to hear from others Soon and that if any believers are suffering from this problem that. Our dear and wonderous lord & Savior will deliver them from this problem in Christ jesus’ Name, Amen!!!!! )Our sister in Christ Jesus, Annette

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