I want To be in God’s Glory

Hello everyone,I’m robelyn graciano from the philippines im 21 but turning 22 this coming october 18, 2010… well about myself, I’m a type of person who’s always committe a wrong doings, I disrespect my parents, I’m always the daughter who wants more than I expected, In short I’m a rebellious Child a blacksheep in our family.. although I know everytime I made a wrong doings I know that there will always be a consequences,and that is why My life is miserable.. I am not happy, Everytime I look at the mirror I know there is a sadness in my eyes, looking for something that can help me satisfy in what I want, a simple and a peaceful life.. My parents are both active in a Christian’s life, even though my dad is not really attending fellowship every sunday but I know He believes In God, and I know He always pray’s to Him.. I’m so lucky to have them both but I’m still not the daughter they always wanted for, I mean they deserved more than they wish for than having me as their Daughter. I dont want to hurt my parents again, actually we are struggling because of me, are business are in down situation, and I dont know how to help them. I Know this things happens because of me, and Now I’m sincerly sorry for the wrong things i doned…

People Hate me, my friends, my relatives and even my Family, I made a disgrace to them, I got all the sins in the world, a sins which made me unclean to God, to everyone.. I put myself Down, and that is why I’m not Happy, and my life is miserable….

If I could turn back time, and Ask a big favor to God maybe by asking God to give my parents a good daughter and not me, I dont want to hurt them anymore, I dont want to see them crying because of me, I am so disappointed of myself, not just disappointed but hate…I really hate myself…that is why I’m here now, everytime I’m in the internet I always search for something that can help me to changed me to a better one, a good daughter to my parents and brother’s.. Especially to be a good Blessings to God.. But I dont know How to start again cause I’m totally broken In and out……


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