I need prayer

All my life I have always focused on the needs of others. Putting what I want away to serve friends and family. I served and worshiped my husband. I worshiped the ground he walked on. I would do anything for him. I did everything for him. Then when I did start seeking God because I felt drawn to him. It upset him that I was Idolizing people. I always put everything about him. After research and fasting from friends and family members I realize how badly I have hurt the only one who has ever really been there for me my entire life. Whether I knew it or not I’ve been blessed a lot in my entire life by Papa God. Yet when did I ever stop and listen? Until no I never have. It’s sad to say I ignored the one who provides for me, loves me unconditionally, is there when I stumble, there when I cry, the only one who really understands what I’ve been going threw since my husband left me for another woman. I know Papa God had nothing to do with that. Yet this has been used for my advantage. I believe that Jesus Christ came to this earth and over came Satan not giving into temptation. Then died on the cross and was resurrected. So that we may know our papa who is in heaven. All we have to do is ask. So I ask you all to pray for me have increased faith, increased wisdom, knowledge, and understand, to know who Jesus really is, to have a friendship with the father son and holy ghost. To have a personal deep intimate relationship with them. To know what makes Papa God happy. What he doesn’t like. What his plan for my life is and the guidence and strength to full fill whatever direction I am supposed to take in my life. To let Jesus light shine so bright within me that people around me will fill the peace of God when I speak to them. I want to stay focused and stay looking forward not to the left or right. I want to stay focused on Papa God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, I want to have faith and believe in them, and trust in them in great abundance. I need strength to serve the lord. Thank you all for reading this and remember you are always blessed. Have the battle is just believing you are.

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