I Need Help for My Daughters & Myself

I was Married to a Man for 18 years & I became very ill with MS,Fibromyalgia &Deteriorating arthritis. Then my Mother helped me with my girls. I became so ill that I ended up in ICU with pneumonia. When I was able to go home again things seemed better. THen My Husband began to Drink alcohol again. He was A person that 1 beer was Too many & 1000 beers would never be enough. During this time I started to fall asleep constantly. My mother would come & take my girls to her house to get them ready for school. One weekend my oldest Daughter came Home and we were talking & had dinner when I fell asleep again. Then I woke up having to go to the bathroom and walked in on my husband Raping our Daughter. I Beat him off of Her and I don’t know much of what happened next but I woke up in the living room having to use the bathroom & I thought that I. Dreamed it. So I went to go to the bathroom & walked up on him Raping her in our room. Needless to say. He is in Prison now. however, my Daughter became very violent after the rape. It was soo terrible that we (my mother & myself) had to have her removed from our home. I had been drugged with sleeping pills for quite some time. Now my daughter is speaking horrible lies about God & my mom, my other daughter & myself. I have Prayed for Gods help & have had so much shame from all that happened that I began to doubt the lord. I have been so bitter & hurt. But now I’m determined to take back what is mine & I know that my deliverer iis coming. My oldest claims to be bisexual & my other daughter is having gender issues as well. I pray for deliverance for my girls & for my deliverance from sickness. I do not hate my ex- husband ( I hate what He has Done) yet I will never return to him, because I juSt can’t trust him. I need As much help and prayers as possible. Thank – You & may Gods Blessings be upon all who read our story. Amen amen Amen

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