I am not a religious, but I do have a personnel intimate relationship with JESUS

Written on Friday, July 04, 2008 http://www.myspace.com/solomon69

I am not a religious guy as you may think, but I do have a personnel intimate relationship with JESUS. You too can invite HIM in your life, have an intimate relationship with JESUS, and see for yourself the changes taking place in your life forever. You will not be the same any more. You don’t need to be in a temple or church to do that.

GOD does not live in man made churches and temples. HE wish to live in the heart and minds of people. HE will only come into your heart when you invite HIM, by confessing your sins by asking HIM to help you to repent from your willful sins. To live a life that pleasing to HIM as a testimony to many. The choice is yours and the suggestion is mine.

Say this Prayer : LORD JESUS, I am a sinner, Please forgive me. Come into my heart. Help me to Change. Change my life the way you want me to live. In the name of JESUS I ask you heavenly FATHER GOD. Amen.

Above mentioned is not an advice. It is simply the truth and I am privileged to pass it on to you.

Much love and prayers


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