Hyderabad Pastor arrested

Hyderabad: A Pastor has been arrested in Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh for allegedly creating nuisance in the area. His crime: He has been conducting prayer services at his residence.

Pastor K Moses of Good Shepherd Prayer Fellowship, a resident of IV Phase, Kukatpally Housing Board of Hyderabad, was taken into custody on 19 August 2007 at the instance of one of his neighbours residing in the same building. There was no objection from the owner of the building whereas the neighbour, Monohar Chetti, a police officer working Anti Corruption Bureau took serious objections to the prayer services in the Pastor’s apartment.

On 19 August 2007, when the prayer service was going on, Manohar, along with a few Hindu fundamentalists, filed a case against the Pastor alleging that the Pastor was creating nuisance in the locality. He brought in two police men from the local police station and took the Pastor away to meet the Circle Inspector of JNTU Police Station Kukatpally.

On their arrival at the police station, the CI questioned the Pastor and other believers and warned them not to conduct the prayer service in that place. Upon coming to know about the development, All India Christian Council (aicc) leaders, including aicc district presidents C Babu (Medak) and TR Raju (Ranga Reddy), rushed to the police station. They held talks with the police officers and got the Pastor and other believers released on bail.

On the following day the Pastor and the believers were taken to court. The judge asked them to pay a fine of Rs 50 and let them go.

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