Howard Storm – to hell and back

Howard Storm, an art professor was travelling in Europe when he had a stomach rupture. He was taken to hospital but no surgeon was available to treat him. After waiting some time and hearing that there was still no surgeon he gave up hope, said goodbye to his wife, went unconscious and then into clinical death.

He found himself outside his body, saw his own dead body, but did not know what was happening. He tried to speak with his wife but she could not hear him, which made him angry.

He was then led off by some figures who became increasingly nasty, and ended up attacking, ripping and biting his being.

Its a strange story, that is related. After this, Howard starts trying to pray. Something he finds difficult. These beings back off, and he is left to consider his fate. His mind goes back to childhood days, and he cries out to Jesus. Jesus meets him and he is sent back to the earth.

He is then conscious that he is back in the hospital, is taken off for an operation as a surgeon did come in after all.

This video contains the end of Howard’s testimony. After that, Dr Maurice Rawlings then goes on to talk about various beliefs that people out there have about heaven and hell. He talks about the Omega faith where unbelievers who have had NDEs assure the dying that there is nothing to fear, no hell and no accountability to a Holy God.

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