How to Resist the Devil – A Very Practical Method

We all have days when we are depleted physically or emotionally – and these are the occasions where Satan's demons are going to try to mess with our heads.

If you are not on guard you may find yourself thinking or saying things that are not wise. You might find yourself yielding to satanic suggestions without even realising what you are doing!

Thank God that we can return to the Father and confess our sins when this happens, and receive cleansing.

However, Satan (by means of his demons) will return and try again. 

The Bible says that we must Submit to God, and resist the devil – and then he will flee from us (James 4:7). But what does this mean? And HOW do we do it in practice?

Simple put: resisting the devil means rejecting all his suggestions and doing what the devil does NOT want you to do – which is to humble yourself and obey God.

There are many things that can be said about all this. But I would like to give you one practical method you can use in resisting the devil.


1. Think about what is going on in your head. Identify the voice of temptation – "devil radio". Write down all the things that this voice is telling you to do and think. FOR YOU, THIS IS A LIST OF ALL THE THINGS YOU MUST NOT DO! I don't recommend tuning in to "devil radio" for too long – in fact, don't tune in at all – but sometimes it comes on without us even dialing the knob, so to speak. The main thing you need to do IDENTIFY what Satan is suggesting so you know what NOT to do. Don't dwell on this step too long. Your main agenda is actually to pursue God.

2. Write down a list of things you know God would want you to do, which maybe you do not feel like doing, and which you know Satan doesn't want you to do. To resist the devil, you will need to do these things.

Above all, understand that God is your reward. He will bless you and satisfy you if you seek Him. Reckon yourself dead indeed to sin and alive to God by faith (see Romans 6). Seek God, put your mind on the wonderful, enjoyable things of the Spirit and go there in your heart. Ask God for grace to renew your mind on the issues where Satan has convinced you of things that are not true, even though you might be believing them at least a bit right now. Ask God to reveal the truth to your heart that relates to the very issues you are dealing with. There will be some revelation of JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF that is going to fix you up on the points where you are struggling.

This advice is good for all of us. Its not just for you. Its for me, and all of us. Because whatever level we are at, while we are on this earth, we are going to have to deal with spiritual onslaughts from Satan which will come in one form or another.


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