How to protect your home and break curses!

     Here is a method to pray over your home and protect them from curses. This is from Rebecca Brown and was posted in one of her newsletters. I thought some of you would find this as valuable information.












How to Anoint Your Home

The Lord has given us a powerful weapon of warfare

in the use of the anointing oil. Not only can we use it

to anoint people, but scripture shows us that we can

use it to anoint objects and places as well. I learned

this early on in my walk in spiritual warfare, and have

met many other Christians to whom the Lord has taught

this same technique.

It all started years ago, just after Elaine’s final deliverance



He Came To Set The Captives Free

). The witches in the area knew she had come out of Satan’s

kingdom, and they were furious. They sent curses at

us night and day. Associated with these curses were

hundreds of demons. My home because a place of

horrific spiritual warfare. The demons flooded in.

They tormented us in every way possible. They moved

my furniture around, threw us off the bed at night in

our sleep, tried to strangle us, and afflicted us with

depression, anxiety and all sorts of physical problems.

I knew the problem was demonic, and I would rebuke

the spirits in the name of Jesus and command them to

get out of the house. They would go out, make a sharp

U turn, and come right back in. Clearly, I needed something


One night, in utter desperation I cried out to the Lord,

“Father please, what can I do? I feel like my house is

an open thoroughfare to any evil spirit that wants to

come through. You know how these spirits are tormenting

us. I just can’t stand it anymore!”

At that point the Holy Spirit flooded into my mind the

story of the Passover Lamb in Exodus chapter 12. Then

He said, “Since the death of Jesus, there are no more

blood sacrifices. So, what would you say is the counterpart

of the blood today?”

“The oil?” I asked.

“That is right.” Then the Lord also reminded me of

the scripture in Exodus chapter 40 where He had instructed

Moses to use the anointing oil.

“And you shall take the anointing oil, and anoint the

tabernacle and all that is in it; and you shall hallow it

and all its utensils, and it shall be holy.” Exodus 40:9

As I pondered these scriptures, the Lord showed me

that I must take oil and anoint my house and sanctify

it holy unto Him. He also showed me that the children

of Israel had anointed the doorposts and lintel of their

home with the blood of the Passover lamb to keep the

death angel from coming in. Now the death angel was

a spirit. It didn’t need a physical door to enter a home.

It could go right through the wall if it wanted to. But

the door was an opening, and as such was symbolic.

These days, we have many openings into our homes.

Doors, windows, air ducts, fireplaces, stove vents, etc.

After praying and thinking this all over, I took oil I

had on hand (cooking oil) and placed some on the doorposts

and the lintels of all the doors and on each window

and the fireplace and every opening into my house

except one door. I spoke out loud as I did this, proclaiming

that I was anointing my home in the name of

God the Father, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Spirit. I

did not make any sort of symbol with the oil, I just put

a small dab in each place. Then I stood in my house,

and in the name of Jesus commanded every spirit to

leave my house through the un-anointed door at once.

Then I anointed the last door and asked the Lord to

sanctify and seal my home. The change was immediate!

Peace and quiet came over my home. The demons

were sealed out, and were not able to get back

into my house. Since that time, I have always kept my

home anointed and sealed.


Now let’s get specific. A “doorpost” is the vertical

piece that goes up and down on either side of the door.

A “lintel” is the horizontal piece that goes across the

top of the door. Same with the windows. If you have

a computer and are hooked up to the internet, you need

to anoint the cord that goes from your computer to the

phone jack and ask the Lord to seal it so that no demons

can be sent into your home through your computer.

Sound crazy? Believe me, curses can and are,


sent via the internet! Also, be sure to anoint your mirrors.

There is nothing evil about a mirror, but people

can use them as doorways to astral-project through. It

is also good to anoint the cord that goes from your

phones to the phone jack.

After you have done this, leaving one door un-anointed,

stand and speak out loud. Say the following:

Step 1:


“In the name of Jesus I take authority over

every curse coming against me, my spouse, my family,

our marriage, our children, our animals, our home

and everything we have. I command you curses to be

broken NOW in the name of Jesus.”

Step 2:


“In the name of Jesus I take authority over

every evil spirit in this house. I command you spirits

to get out of this door right now, and off of my property

and do not touch anything on your way, in the

name of Jesus.”

Step 3:


Anoint the last door and pray and ask the Lord

to cleanse and seal your home and shield all of you

completely from the evil spiritual realm.

As we come closer to the end and times become more

and more difficult, I think we will all need to re-anoint

and cleanse our homes every night before we go to

bed. As people come and go from your home, sometimes

the seal gets broken and you will need to recleanse

your home. However, you don’t need to anoint

everything, just the doors that people have been

through. If you are anointing your home on a routine

daily basis as I usually do, you can just do the doors.

Later on, the Lord showed me that I was to do the

same thing with the ground around my house. In order

to do this I put oil into a plastic spray bottle. As I

walked around the edge of my property, I sprayed a

line of oil on the ground. I proclaimed that my property

belonged to God and that I was asking Him to

take possession of it and seal and protect it. Before

closing the final space with the line of oil, I broke every

curse off of the land, and commanded all demons

off of it in the name of Jesus. Then I finished closing

the line with the oil, praying and asking God to seal

the land from any demonic intrusion. This, too brings

much peace and protection.

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