How to forgive and why we fail at times

looking at Jesus


Learned something very precious today about forgiving others. It’s really not about that person and you. It is about your response to God when He commands you in the Bible to forgive others. It doesn’t matter what that person did, if it was intentional or not, if they apologized or were sincere in their apology or if they care to even hear you about it.

Rather it is about your response to God’s commandment, are you going to have a hard heart or a soft heart, a submitted heart or a rebellious heart, a heart that gives mercy when it’s not deserved or one that just wants tooth for tooth. IT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THE PERSON, but it is something between you and God. And you can cry out to God to help you respond right.

The Bible says Any plant that the Father has not planted will be uprooted. Remind Him of this promise, pray that He will uproot unforgiveness, resentment, bitterness, grudges, the desire to get justice yourself. And then give your feelings about the person, your anger, your judgments and thoughts about the person, your hurts to God and entrust yourself to Him that He will look after you and bless you for obeying the Scriptures.
I now understand why we struggle so much to forgive, it’s because we look and think about the person who did us wrong the whole time. It’s like Peter who looked at the waves and sunk. We look at the source of the problem, not at God. Have you ever overcome any sin looking at the problem or looking at Jesus? … If you fix your eyes on Jesus and cry out to Him, He will give you the grace to forgive … and it will be a miracle …  How do I know? …  Cause it happened to me today!

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