How many of you would truly die for their testimony? Here is mine and I would truly die for Mine!And

As a little Girl of 5, I was at a Birthday Party and that is when I first learned of This Loving Jesus! We were asked if we wanted to know this Jesus and my little hand flew up so fast and I could hardly wait to get home and tell my momma? When I came home, I told my momma all about Jesus and showed her the track that I was given. She hugged me and said that’s nice dear and then she took me to the Mormon Church (L.D.S.) ! She was raised Mormon and that’s what she brought us up to be. And I heard nothing more on my Loving Jesus! I was so unhappy, my family was not happy Either! Well I lived and joined the Mormon Church and found no Love there. I knew from my experience that there was a Loving Jesus out there somewhere, but i just couldn’t find him. We were living in Utah and found that I became very Ill! I was the youngest of 3 kids, my brother is 4 years older than I am and sister is 3years and 1week older than me. So I was considered the baby and spoiled rotten. I was often bullied by them both and had no self esteem whatsoever. For some reason my sister and brother convinced me that I if no one wanted to have sex with me than I was unLovable! Which can make anyone become desperate to be Loved and can cause a person to do foolish things. One time we had some family friends talk me and my sister into doing a sceance and we had the lights off and were chanting I looked up and saw a Demons hand reach for my sister out of her closet & I screamed and flipped on her light. It was Gone! we never played that again, and as I understand, my sister was harassed this demon all while we were growing up. For many years I was treated badly at school and by family members. Then I kept having strange illnesses. and different surgeries. I did shameful things with some family members , just seeking love as I was to understand it. I owe so many of them apologies, I never had sex with them but we all did quite alot of touching and feeling. Then after I Graduated from High School, I started partying with friends and drinking up a storm. then at 22 I just threw away my virginity, to a very unworthy man. This caused me to be very ill because I had fallen in Love with the man and he broke my Heart! I was never told much about sex nor was I taught why I should be abstinate. Yet this broken Heart is what caused me to go to a Wanda Jackson concert and that is where I heard the voice of this Loving Jesus whom died for me. Now I went up to that alter call and became born again, right there on that Day! The biggest problem after that was that they sent us out to receive instructions as to what I should do next. I went but it was as if no one saw me and before I knew it we were ushered back in to the concert, so I didn’t get sanctified or told what I needed to do next. So it will come as no suprise to anyone here that I fell down not long after that! However, Our God is a faithful God and he is merciful, he allowed satin to burn all the lust out of me and in 199 I was married. then in 1991 I had our first daughter. I was determined to get my life right with the Lord and to teach my child about the Lord? I was reading my bible and understanding what I was Reading! My marriage. was rocky, but my faith in God and was strong. My husband. had a drinking and a drug problem, but i knew that my faith would carry me through. 6 years later i had my youngest daughter and was overjoyed with both of our Girls! Then my spouse had an affair of the heart and wanted a divorce. I hate divorce. and didn’t want one. so one day after dropping him off to work, i cried out to God and asked him what I was should do, then God said for me to let him go. Well when i went to pick him up i told him that I was letting him go and he changed his mind. I thought God had soften his heart so i stayed with him. we were rocky for a bit then he stopped drinking and doing drugs. We were very happy in the Lord together for Quite some time then i was struck down with M.S. and Fibromyalgia plus deteriorating arthritis. This had a serious effect on my kids. and my husband. I later found out that he was doing drugs again & he started drinking. he had drugged me for Quite some time and one night He had drugged me, and gotten our oldest daughter drunk. I came to and I caught him raping her. I have been divorced now for about 4 years and he is in prison. Through this, i have lost my spouse, the Love of my oldest Daughter, my own home, most everything I own and even my health. But I am not abandoned, for Christ, Jesus has been with me through it all. I have great days in him and i have some days were i forget to seek him first. I have joy from him and the greatest friend in the world. I am still troubled with illnesses and have nearly died 4 times but I do not fear anymore for what can man do to me! Plus I have met my true family on this site thanks to the inspiration of Gods Holy Spirit to Michael. Yes I would die and may even been called to die for my belief in my redeemer. He is alive and speaks not only to me to me, but to my fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus! Yes i have a troubles, and i am thankful for each one gives my God the opportunity to reveal his ways to me through them! Thank You for reading this, and It is my hope that my testimony inspires you to seek the Lord for he gives us a peace that surpasses all Understanding! Love your sis in Christ Jesus, Annette

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