How God feels when you waste the gifts He gave you

2 days ago God spoke to me in an unusual way. I left a gold chain on the bathroom sink and water got on it and it started to look rusty by the time I realized what happened. This was a special gold chain to me, which Michael bought me on my birthday from UAE, when I lived in Mumbai, during a really tough time for me with sickness and lots of uncertainty. We did not have a lot of money at that time and for him to do that was a sacrifice, so I treasured it. I was felt sad to waste a precious gift from Michael and felt sad for Michael’s sake.
God then spoke to me and said: And how do you think I feel when I gave gifts to My people and they are not using them, they are letting them go to waste and I paid such a big sacrifice to procure them for them, with the life of My Son? ….
I felt His sad heart at the waste of gifting and lack of interest in using God’s precious gifts. It is a reflection of how much value we put on His sacrificial giving and how much we value His gifts.
He said that if we don’t gather with Him, we are wasting. There is no middle ground, either you are intentionally going after the gifts and using them, or you are working against God’s Kingdom by wasting His investments, which are needed for His purposes. All you have to do is do nothing and you are working against God’s kingdom by wasting.
The word for ‘pursue’ spiritual gifts in Greek means to ‘boil over like a kettle in boiling point’ – God left us an image regarding how He wants us to feel about the gifts He gave us.
The only way we will make the gifts a priority to us, verses the natural world is to understand that the spiritual has priority over the natural. We are a spirit in a body, not a body with a spirit. Therefore we have to intentionally choose to make time for what matters most and allow ourselves to be less distracted with the smaller things of life. Yes, we have responsibilities, but if they are crowding the spiritual things out, then something is wrong. We need to ask God to re-order our priorities and be willing to follow through with it. It might take some radical action, but the innocent Son of God died so you would take that action.
We are promised eternal rewards and eternal life with God. Ask God for a fresh revelation of eternity and live your life within the frame and the priorities that demands. God won’t force you to do it but He will call you to account. You won’t regret it in eternity. He promises great rewards for the faithful.
Just remember this life is like a vapor that passes quickly. The devil tries to deceive us into living relaxed as if we would live for ever, never grieved that we are wasting time (which equals life) and always nudging us to postpone making serious changes. Don’t be fooled. Abundant life is available now, a life of meaning and purpose, of fruitfulness and satisfaction. And eternal rewards are available for eternity based on what you do now with your days.
I have a sign in my kitchen which says: ‘WHAT I DO TODAY AFFECTS ETERNITY’ – it is there to jolt me out of complacency and ease when I get too comfortable, to prick my conscience when needed. Every day of your life you can either gather with Jesus or waste against Him, you can either collect eternal rewards with fruitfulness and satisfaction now or live a life of mediocrity and waste your life day by day on living a mediocre life. The choice is before us.
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