How do I bring Truth?

Yesterday I did my final project in my (CIS 120)Computer Information Systems 120 class. The final exam was a Microsoft Office Power Point presentation on any topic of my choice. In my final exam I tried to give an “overview” of the Book of Revelation.
I have studied well on the matter for quite some time, point being that I tried to present the most accurate information about the book. I went through my first few slides having to discuss the where I was starting from, because people were looking at me as if they had no clue to even the most renown Bible prophecy… I mean who hasn’t heard the term Anti-Christ or the mark of the beast mentioned in the USA?
Perhaps I received strange looks, because I presented a couple of moments after a young woman presented on Islam. But whatever the reason was I was unable to make my presentation with brevity and ease. As if that was not bad enough, right after I mentioned the Two Witnesses I was told to skim through the rest of my presentation by the Professor supposedly for the “sake of letting others have time to make there presentations.
I admit I spent more time than I had to on my presentation’s opening slides, but I could discern that there was a sense of discomfort in the class. As I mentioned the Scriptures and what they said the Professor gave me a look of unbelief. It was as if the Professor couldn’t believe that I was standing before the class presenting what God’s Word said is to come. I also discerned from one of my classmates (who was fond of me) that she did not like what I presented.My presentation was not even complete and the room felt like someone wanted to retaliate against me for slapping their mother in the face.
All this leads me to say, how can someone be able to bring the truth to a people who are not willing to receive the truth? I am familiar with what is known as the Great Commission, but the truth is not what people love nor is it what they want to hear. I am aware that the Bible says that a time would come when people would take up their own teachers and not listen to the truth. Many people believe they already have the truth and many more will probably never (easily) accept what the truth is.
So if lies are all that is desired and the world is deceived who will be there to receive the truth. Please someone who is very sound in judgment tell me… What should I do with the truth when I can’t give it to the people who need it the most?

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