Horse and Buggy dream. Coming Famine to the USA. Feb1st 2008

Dream: Friday, February 01, 2008
I dreamt a friend asked me to go to the grocery store but I had to take a horse and buggy. I jumped in the buggy and proceeded on my way. I was going up and down very tall hills and felt I was in Virginia. Many times the horse would go down the hill way too fast and I thought we would crash but he seemed to do fine. There were no cars anywhere. When I finally got the grocery store it looked as if a civil war had broken its out. Bodies lay in the streets everywhere I looked. Most, seemed to have died from starvation. Grown men appeared to weigh about 80 pounds. They were less than skin and bones. Some were crawling across the ground and I wondered how it was possible that they were alive. They were so grotesque I could not even look at them. Several had bullet holes in them obviously from trying to get groceries at the grocery store. One man rolled over and moaned he had three arrows in him. When I got to the grocery store there was absolutely nothing left. Every shelf had been cleaned out and it looked like an abandoned store. Bodies lay in the aisles. I went back outside to go back home. I realized many people were naked as they were lying in the streets. I wondered if people stole their clothes.

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