Home Bible Studies illegal soon in the USA?

The rate at which a full on persecution of Christianity in America is being prepared is on the increase. World Net Daily reports that a San Diego pastor is being threatened with fines for holding Bible studies in his home. Here is how things work. Instead of outright banning of something like Bible studies in your home, the government demands an expensive permit process to go on.

I was with some veteran Christians in Australia today, and learned that in Australia IT IS ILLEGAL FOR PASTORS TO GIVE COUNSELLING TO THE PEOPLE IN THEIR CHURCHES. Yes folks, you need a qualification and a license for THAT now also. This is a clear case of the government meddling in things outside of their sphere of God-given authority. Its easy to see that the institutional church is going to come under pressure. In Australia, you just about need a special license to pick your nose. This is how freedoms are being undermined, the government just passes laws to regulate everything.

But one can see how home churches are also going to come under pressure, and if this new development in America is anything to go by, we have a model and a precedent already for how persecution could unfold in the so-called “free world”. Obviously in the future meetings will have to be held in different places at different times. It may eventually get to the point where you need a Word of Knowledge from God to know where and when the next meeting will be.

Welcome to the Age of Tribulation of the Righteous.

“Look up, for your Redemption draweth nigh.” God is definitely going to throw all these unrepentant bullies into eternal hell-fire, unless they repent. We should pray for them – they only have a few short years of power and then they will die. Their bodies will rot, and their spirits will be tormented eternally with worms and fire. Having rejected the Savior of the world, and persecuted His true followers, there will be nobody and nothing to save them. We should pray for them, and be ready to suffer a few short years, unlike those who may have some ease now, but will be afflicted and tormented in the Lake of Fire for all eternity because they suppress the Truth, and love wickedness.

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