I was sleeping at night and then I felt demons and witches attack me.

Then I felt holiness rise up in me and then I heard a voice speak in me and mentionned to demand judgement on everyone.

When I spoke I felt the holiness speak out of my mouth as I demanded judgement on everyone.

Did judgement pass on me.

I had a problem with lust and what follows and the Abrahamic Seed Group Women passed judgement on me. I heard it and it was not nice.

The most powerful preachers in North America are the King James Bible Preachers. Especially the ones tha DR. Ruckman Teaches and trains.

Yes you can blasphemem the Holy Ghost today, but it must be free will. No trickery, force or witchcraft can be involved. I know everything was used to get me to that sin. Once said it is over forever.

Michael I respect you very much and I am sure that you do want to do the work of the lord.

Be careful with Carl Fox, he mentions good things about Robert Schambach (this man is a heretic).

Michael please explain Hebrews 6:4. One pastor mentionned to me that this sin is commited once is christianity (after tasted the good gift) and then you renounce christ.

Please explain.

God Bless YOu

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