Take care my brethrens,especially those Gifted with singing.The enemy is busy distorting gospel music.I was not sure whether it was from God or devil but I was and iam against it.Some time agooo i sang it in fellowship and Members (some of members aren’t born again) clapped alot but my conscious wasnt clean.In short i hate it.I wanted to tell other youth but i didn’t know how.Let me say this: I hate Secularism in Christianity whereby even christians claimming to be born again practice.Multi-sex clothing is another heathen practice that affects christians world-wide.God’s idea of unisex is being suppressed.Back to this horrible “rap music” as they call, have invaded the church.I ve found one Minister Ministering on the matter and i Know i will have alot with him.I want you also to participate in this so as the truth will be out.Help the church to get out of this snare!
Link to this ministry is http://www.exministries.com

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